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How the death of Queen Elizabeth II would affect you?

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How the death of Queen Elizabeth II would affect you?

Even when it is clear that there is never a perfect time to die, to the deceased's family and all that the royal family represents, my deepest condolence goes to the family, as I wish them strength at a period like this. 

As time gradually unfolds, people subconsciously start engaging in their daily lives almost a month after the demise of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, just like for every organization after a staff resigns, is laid off or a new CEO [Chief Executive Officer] sets in, there would be a replacement and, in most scenarios, this comes with the enactment of new policies and review of existing ethics. 

In this exciting read, I will be beaming light on the ripple effect of the demise of Her Royal Majesty, The Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, on not just the record of the coroner, but on you reading this beautiful piece. 

Before we get into all that scoop, how about I remind you of the brain behind this post which is The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai, an idea box for Digital marketing and all-around Web solutions. 

How people took the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Just as courtesy demands and the need to honor the dead is only thoughtful, the people of the UK have shown their heartfelt emotions by observing 10 - a day period of mourning which was their sign of respect for the deceased Queen and was met with graceful adherence by all.  

The death of the Queen will severely have mixed impacts on everyone, and what you may not have considered yet is how it affects you too, yes you! 

Below are some carefully thought-out ripple effects and aftermaths that will overturn and will gradually either have the world await or its unwritten laws that would soon become visible. 

1. A new public holiday will be passed. 

Despite the current economic condition known to the UK and the inflation rate, one of the things that would happen after the demise of the Queen will be the passing of a public holiday. 

While this may be seen as a monumental honor to a person of high standing, the question on most lips remains if the UK economy needs another day off at a crucial time like this when the inflation rate continues to soar, likewise the cost of housing, amongst others. 

2. Tourism will enjoy a good buzz. 

For the time being, several people will seek to see and understand the culture and ethics of the British empire, especially now that the whole world is talking about it. For travelers and visitors, their impact should have a sizeable amount on revenue generation. 

What this also means is this, considering the flux of people visiting the UK, there will be a higher demand for hotel reservations, which would spike the regular statistics experienced at this time of the year. 

Mirabaud estimates that of the 20 billion euros in annual tourism-related revenue, 600 million euros come from the monarchy alone. As a result of the funeral, souvenir sales may rise by 60 million pounds. 

3. Currency notes change. 

Given the death of the Queen, and the custom of the British empire, there will be a need to change the banknotes. However, towards the end of 2022, the Bank of England will introduce redesigned polymer banknote designs with King Charles III.  

This should start running by the middle of 2024 and would be anticipated for use by all. 

4. Rebranding. 

The late Queen Elizabeth II has been the second long-serving queen, who enjoyed her 70 years of reign, with the masses being accustomed to the coat of arms, profile, and portrait that are placed on items, and offices, they may need to change from the accustomed to the newly elect King Charles as time goes by. 

5. Your British passport should concern you. 

For the British, the adoption of change will not be seen in just currency, stamps, the National anthem, and warrants require upgrading. 
All British passports are still valid for travel and are issued in Her Majesty's name; however, the text on the inside of the front cover will be changed eventually to His Majesty for new passports. 


The Demise of Her Excellency Queen Elizabeth II remains a tough piece to swallow, however, the realities of life and its proceedings are things people should also consider, and prepare to avoid being cut unaware. 

This post has been provided by The Watchtower, Dubai, an expert in web development and digital marketing solutions. 

  Oct 13, 2022       by oluwafemi-smith       285 Views

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How the death of Queen Elizabeth II would affect you?

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© Copyright The Watchtower 2010 - .