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How Much Money Does a Teenager Make?

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How Much Money Does a Teenager Make?

It is no secret to anybody that youngsters' income is quite limited, and this is due to several reasons such as government regulations on the labor market, tight school schedules, lack of experience, etc. However, in several countries, you are allowed to start working at a very young age. In the United Kingdom, a teen can begin working at the age of 13 for a part-time job and at the age of 16 for a full-time job.

When it comes to your salary and the kinds of tasks you will be performing, your age will be a deciding factor. Here, we give you a general idea of how much you can make based on your age.

Jobs for 15-year-olds 

Being a bit older and having a sense of responsibility at the age of 15 makes it a great time to start working, and the extra money will allow you more freedom. Finding a job that you can work around your school schedule is crucial, though. At this age, entry-level jobs are the norm, and weekend or evening side jobs are a given. These are some of the most popular jobs for 15-year-olds.

Pet sitter 

Salary: On average, £12 per hour.
Main responsibilities: Taking care of pets while their owners are away during holidays, evenings, or weekends. This is mainly to ensure the safety of the pet while alone, including feeding them, taking them for walks, and providing medicine in case it is necessary. 

Dog walker

Salary: On average, £11 per hour.
Main responsibilities: Besides earning a little less, this is a job where you can have several customers at the same time. For example, you might walk four dogs at the same time, depending on their sizes and behaviors. The job entails walking dogs in parks, playing with them, and cleaning up their messes afterwards. 

Jobs for 16 year olds

At this age, you are capable of handling more responsibilities, and many organizations will be open to hiring you as a seasonal worker or as a member of their core group. Here are some examples of the most common part-time jobs for 16-year-olds.
Supermarket jobs 

Salary: average £9.80 per hour.

Main responsibilities: If there is a place where help is needed, those are supermarkets! There are many roles to be fulfilled and many things to learn. You can work stocking all the products, cleaning the facilities, helping in packing groceries, and also at the register and serving the customers. 

Waitress/ waiter

Salary: On average, £11.80 per hour.
Main responsibilities: This is a popular job during the weekends, where you will serve the clients of the restaurant or café, bring food to the table, take orders, pack deliveries, prepare coffee, etc. You can also make extra money with the customer’s tips!



Salary: On average, £12 per hour.
main responsibilities: taking care of and supervising children. Fetch them from and to school, and prepare basic meals. mentoring and helping them with their homework.

Jobs for 17 years old

You may legally apply for a driving license to drive a car at this age. Most likely, you have already completed your education or are prepared to begin gaining work experience, such as through an apprenticeship at a company that interests you. These are other roles that you could play and still find a jobs for 17-year-olds

Seasonal worker (Christmas or summer holidays) 

Salary: On average, £10 per hour
Main responsibilities: The holiday season is a busy hiring time for businesses. Working for large corporations over the holidays is very common. This includes working as an order picker, delivery driver, retail store support staff, etc.

Tutoring / Mentoring

Salary: The average is between £9 and £25 per hour.
Main responsibilities: The salary for this role can vary depending on a lot of factors, for example, if you work independently or as part of an association, your expertise, your grades, etc. It is important to have great transferable skills, be willing to teach, and have patience while doing the job. This role is especially good if you have an interest in education. 


jobs for 18-year-olds. 

You have a lot more freedom to work at this time of life because you are considered an adult legally. You can choose to complete your education, sign full-time contracts, obtain a driving license, get married, and other options. When you get to this age, the job market will be much more open to you. These are the most popular jobs for 18-year-olds.

Customer service. 

Salary: On average, £10 per hour
Main responsibilities: This role is very broad, and as you can imagine, it can change a lot depending on the business. However, your main task will be dealing with customers, which can be done over the phone, on-site, or via email. 


Salary: On average, £11.50 per hour.
Main responsibilities: As a barista, you will need to be a team player, have great attention to detail, and, preferably, have a big passion for coffee. This is a role in high demand, and your salary can increase depending on your expertise and tips. 



Salary: On average, £11.04 per hour.
Main responsibilities: Your main responsibilities will shift depending on the business; however, they can include greeting visitors, showing them the installations of the office, giving instructions and information about events, transferring calls, sorting out emails, etc. 


Regardless of how old you are, what your background is, or your circumstances, there is always a way to increase your income and use your job as a stepping stone to continue growing and developing personally and professionally. All the experience you gain and everything you learn are things you can apply in the future. 

About the author: Laura is a search engine optimizer who specializes in link building and content creation. Currently, she is part of the SEO team at Young Capital UK.

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