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What's the Best Free Dating App UK?

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What's the Best Free Dating App UK?

The best free dating app in the United Kingdom? It's quite a difficult question to address; I mean, people have their references and can also be biased. But just give you something to work with, based on popular opinion and preferences, Tinder is the best free dating app in the United Kingdom. It's one of the most used around the globe, and most persons have come in the open to praise the app. Right in this article, you'll find out more information about the apps why it's the best free dating app across the globe. 

Which Dating Site Has the Most Users in the UK?
Tinder has the most users in the United Kingdom, Bumble also has the most users in the United Kingdom. It's more like they alternate between each other every month, so it's a little bit difficult to tell which of them wears the crown. Anyways, most people in the United Kingdom prefer using Bumble because they feel it's safer and more secure, unlike Tinder which they think has so many fake profiles. But since we're talking about numbers here and not authenticity, they both have the trophy. 

What is the Most Used Dating App?
This falls between two major dating apps around the globe: Tinder and Bumble. Both apps have the most users on them. Almost everyone is on Tinder, and almost everyone is on Bumble. While some statistics, surveys, and authority websites will tell you Tinder is the most used, some say it's Bumble. So, on this one, it's a draw; both apps are the most used - unless you have a bias for either of them. 

Is There a Dating App for British People?
Yes, there are dating apps and sites for British people. I mean, c'mon, British are also humans,  they have emotions, they fall in love too. So, there are dating sites for them. Some of the dating sites are:

1. Match
2. Soulmate
3. Tinder
4. Bumble 

All these dating apps are the same with just a slight difference in their features and user interfaces. They're all free, apart from Soulmates that you have to pay to become a member. Bumble was built with women at heart,  giving them the liberty to initiate a conversation, while on the best dating apps, anyone can start a conversation. Tinder, with 20 billion matches, 1.6 billion swipes per day, and 1 million dates a week; it's the first to offer match swiping. Match offers an extra layer of service giving its users a comprehensive blog session where their users can provide solutions to dating problems, like; what to say on first date etc. 

Which is Better Bumble or Tinder?
Okay, I'll first give you detailed information about both apps and then you decide.

Tinder is the most popular of all dating apps, with Bumble as its competitor. It was launched in 2012 on-campus and since then it has had over 430 downloads in more than 190 countries around the globe.

Tinder is strictly a dating site, although originally, the site was built for campus students who want to find "love" and mostly viewed more like a hook-up sit, it's a dating app. With the influence of the background of Tinder, it's been observed that the app is mainly dominated by Gen Z. The percentage of youths on the site is about 50%; and we're talking about youths who're about 18-25 years of age. 

Another thing about Tinder is that the app is user friendly; you don't need to be tech-savvy to navigate through it. It has an easy profile setting, no verifications needed, really cool features, a paid subscription tier that opens you to extra bonuses, etc. Also, you can exchange messages with whomever you're matched with.

This can be a pro and a con if you're an extrovert exchanging messages will be cool, whereas, for an introvert, it's war. And to make the situation worse (for introverts), matches on Tinder don't expire. One major pitfall of Tinder is that most males disguise themselves as females; about 75% of them. This is obnoxious because it makes the females on the sit quite disappointed. 

With over 42 million active users as of January 2021, Bumble is not a dating site. Although it can be used for dating purposes, and probably started as a dating app, it's now no longer just a dating app. The app is used for other connection purposes like getting connected with a career mentor, business partner, etc. So it's not so strictly a dating app. 

Bumble was built with the mindset of giving women the ability to choose whom they want to date and initiate a conversation without having to wait. Okay, there's only an exception with this, there's a limitation when there's a match with same-sex. 

Like Tinder, Bumble is user friendly, easy to set up an account, easy to navigate. It has a paid feature, Premium Subscription that gives you access to advanced filters, and a Travel Mode feature. Bumble is good for extroverted women and It's safer than most dating apps because no one on the app can send you a message unless they are matched with you, and a match that you don't respond to in the next 24 hours expires. 
There you have it. The decision lay between your palms now.

Is Bumble a Hook-up App?
It's not a hook-up app. It could be a little bit fair to even call it a dating app, but to call Bumble a hook-up app? Far from it. As earlier stated, bumble is for connections, whether business or romance. So, calling it dating could be fair, though not entirely true; but calling it a hook-up site is out of place.

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