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Web Design Trends In 2022

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Web Design Trends In 2022

Every day, an estimated 500k new websites are launched—how will you ensure that yours stands out when you launch a website in 2022? The web design trends highlighted below were handpicked by The Watchtower, a web design company in London. It's that time of year again when web design enthusiasts assess what's driving the industry forward—and what's staying behind. So here are the top 5 innovative web design trends in 2022

5 innovative web design trends for 2022
1. Symmetrical Layouts
One thing is certain: a good website requires a well-balanced composition. Balance can be achieved in two ways, according to design principles, by using symmetric or asymmetric website layouts. While last year's obsession with organized chaos resulted in asymmetrical designs, this year's website layouts embrace the theme of simplicity. Web design trends in 2022 will be inspired by DaVinci's Vitruvian Man's perfectly symmetrical balance. From split pages and grid layouts to balancing designs with imagery and text, we've got you covered.

2. Serif and light typography
TL;DR, Make your words bold, but your type elegant.

Serif fonts, which provide a contrast to modern vibes, are making their way into 2022 web design trends. Serif typefaces, such as Times New Roman, Garamond, and Georgia, are those that include a tip at the edge of the letter's shape in the typographic framework. As we look around, we notice that more and more brands are taking advantage of the elegance that these fonts have to offer. Serif typefaces that remind us of print also have a tangible aspect, bringing an iconic tone to this year's design trends ranking.

3. Earthy and primary hues (with a touch of neon)
TL;DR, Trends and colours are being influenced by sustainability.

Nature is back in style, and so are primary colours. Earth inspired website colour schemes will make an appearance in 2022, adding a subtle tone to this year's round of web design trends. We'll see an overarching emphasis on nature-forward designs, influenced by a cultural emphasis on sustainability. Regardless, we're still designing for the twenty-first century. Stylish neon palettes will make their way into the mix, adding a fun edge without taking centre stage. Bright accents, such as neon icons in a menu or small colourful lines to make the composition pop, will be seen, but everything will be delicate and measured in 2022.

4. Photographs of real people
TL;DR, It's past time to keep our images authentic.

Every decade, beauty ideals shift. Motivated by culture, history, and society, it is clear that a new standard has arrived on the web in 2022—and that standard is diversity.

"Inclusivity is the new normal, both in and out of the web design world," Huri says, "with more brands embracing images that speak to diverse backgrounds, races, and ages and emphasize inclusivity."

We're looking forward to this one because it brings a sense of normalcy to the web. The new set of standards resonates with everyone, and websites in 2022 should include images of people from all walks of life, including the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, the elderly, people of different skin tones and body types, and others. Brands become more relatable by using images of real people who are similar to customers or their friends and families. This web design trend, particularly in eCommerce, is a wise branding decision because it allows more people to imagine themselves using your products.

5. Visual combinations that are surrealistic
TL;DR, Visuals are transporting us to otherworldly locations.

In 2022, many websites will create something completely out of the ordinary, aiming for the unexpected effect of surrealistic visual combinations. Consider online stores in space, bizarre virtual settings, and other Dali-esque fantasies. These "out-of-this-world" compositions have a high potential for capturing visitors' attention and allowing them to become immersed in your design. We've recently seen this with major fashion houses incorporating this trend into editorials.

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