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Is Linux Better than Windows Hosting for WordPress?

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Is Linux Better than Windows Hosting for WordPress?

When you decide to launch a website built on WordPress, you’ll have a choice of operating system (OS) on the hosting provider you pick. Windows vps and Linux are the two most common operating systems available through hosting providers. Linux tends to be the preferred choice for website designers, but it’s worth pointing out that Windows has plenty to offer too. 

Does the OS matter?

Choosing the right OS is important, as any WordPress development agency knows. The wrong one will cause you a lot of stress and could have incompatible features. Anyone new to the world of building websites probably won’t give much thought to the server operating system; they’ll just use whatever the default OS happens to be, which more often than not is Linux.

Why is Linux so popular?

Linux is the most popular OS for servers for several reasons. One, it is a mature OS, so it is very stable and has a good reputation for being reliable. Linux is also very flexible and safe, thanks to being open-source and continually tweaked by developers all over the world. In addition, unlike Windows, Linux is free to use, so hosting providers don’t need to pay expensive license fees when they offer it to their customers. This saving is passed on to customers in the form of cheaper hosting plans. 

What advantages does Windows offer?

Windows is an instantly recognizable OS for desktop users, but it’s also available in the form of Windows Server, which businesses will be familiar with. Because of this, it may be an option when you opt for a virtual private server (VPS) or a dedicated server on your web hosting plan for a WordPress website. 

There are some advantages to selecting Windows as your server OS. Firstly, thanks to its familiarity in a desktop context, the Windows operating system is easy to use. It is also developer-friendly and works well with cloud technology if you plan on using hybrid cloud hosting. 

What to Think About When Selecting Linux Vs Windows OS

There are several things to consider when choosing an OS for a server hosting a WordPress website. If your main concern is cost, it is better to go with Linux because, as already mentioned, this will be the cheapest option. To use Windows OS, you’ll have to pay extra for a VPS or dedicated server. For a small website, this isn’t really needed. 

Other things to think about include website security, which database you find easier to work with, whether you like cPanel, and whether you want additional flexibility. 

When is Linux the Better OS for WordPress Hosting?

The main advantage of using Linux for a WordPress website is that the site will be easier to configure because WP runs on PHP. In addition, Linux uses MySQL as its database, which is more robust than MS Access—this is important when it comes to website speed.

Another important consideration for developers is that Linux is very flexible, so you can develop new applications and run custom code on your site. That said, Windows OS is a better choice for developers wishing to use the .NET framework or applications such as MS SQL Server.

In most cases, Linux is the better choice, but choose Windows OS if you want to run MS-compatible applications or the .NET framework. 

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Is Linux Better than Windows Hosting for WordPress?

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