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How to become a Web designer in the UK

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How to become a Web designer in the UK

Looking back, one of the toughest tasks I encountered as a lad was trying to ride a BMX bicycle. If I had found my hands-on possible books like: “Riding a bicycle for dummies” I bet I would have hurried my way close to one since I had loved reading as a kid. At the point of drawing up this topic, the thought just came to mind again, but hey, I haven't ridden a bicycle in years, but I bet once I get my hands on it, I would effortlessly unleash my Lance Armstrong skills again. 

Now, the place of prowess in riding the bicycle had come from a trail of consistency, a couple of stunts gone south which eventually led to mastery. How then can one be a web designer without willpower? 

In this article, we shall be considering what makes a web designer, how to become one, and what differentiates them from the pool of options. 
How to become a Web designer. 

There are many reasons why people pick a profession or start a business, while a few can beat around the bush, it becomes evident over time that it is from the place of money, which is not sustainable. While money is significant and yeah, every hustle needs to get paid, but putting a comparison from the place of passion can only fuel your consistency even when remuneration is yet to set in. 

The above paragraph is intentional to help roam your mind, as the first step to being a web designer is willpower. Once there is a will, the mind can be open to achieve merits. 

Web designs are pretty much sensitive to the outlook of a brand and more importantly, a deciding factor on the choice of how users trust your service. Having the right team of experts who listens to your vision and make them into colorful layouts to exceed expectation gets interesting with The Watchtower - Web Design Agency, UK. 

1. Know the Basics
Indeed, an exhibition of drawing skills is not the core for a web designer, since basically all tasks are carried out with both graphs and grids to communicate layout ideas to prospective clients or staff as the case may be. Having said that, it is still required that a web designer knows the basics of sketching, shading, and roughing out to include logo creation, menus, etc. for easy communication. 

2. Graphic Design
If you seek to be a web designer, there is a need for you to do more than getting acquainted with graphic design. The appearance and feel of a website are determined by website design, which encompasses visual design concepts such as color theory, typography, grid systems, and space. These style aspects aid in ensuring that all of the many parts of a website, such as typefaces and color palettes, complement and operate in sync. web designers are therefore required to understand and decipher how best to utilize a graphics editor tool. 

3. Coding
Perhaps you may get scared here a bit, but no one ever mentioned it was going to be a jolly ride to the big bucks. The good news is that most software has deployed simpler modes that enable you to design a website or app with the use of software that requires no coding; however, there is still a need to learn it for your guts and information, since you never could tell when it comes in handy. 
The place of HTML [Hyper Text Mark-up Language], CSS [Cascading Style Sheets], and JavaScript are the everyday go-to tool you need to be abreast on. 

4. CMS Software
For every web designer, there is a need to be able to use a pre-built website for content management. CMS [Content Management System] has found acceptance with users since it embraces them to easily update their websites rather than relying on their web designer or developer. 
Examples of CMS software are WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Weebly, and Elementor. 

5. Review
While you may get all comfy and self-glorifying your craft thinking you have done a perfect job, you should ask for feedback often from clients, colleagues, and friends just to be certain you are hitting the mark and not just consoling yourself. This helps you grow; it also helps build a relationship with your team and clients. 

6. Study and Practice
Well, it is often said that the reward for hard work is more work. I think we could spread this out to say the reward for becoming better is studying and practicing even better. It’s a journey and therefore a continuous walk in the path of creativity. 

For more tips on Web design, Web design elements, Web Development in London, Digital Marketing, and SEO, you can always trust The Watchtower, the best and award-winning Web Development Company in the UK. 

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