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What is the Royal Exchange in London?

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What is the Royal Exchange in London?

Some topics are rarely discussed but are extremely important. The Royal Exchange, a former financial institution in the City of London, is one of them. It served as a venue for London merchants and traders who had previously conducted their business dealings on the street or in crowded stores and shops. The exchange was closed in 1939, and the site is now used for office and exhibition space. Let's take a ride together in this article and learn everything there is to know about the royal exchange.

Where is the Royal Exchange located?
In the City's prime financial centre, the Royal Exchange building is near the Bank of England and the Stock Exchange. Sir William Tite designed the building, which was finished in 1844, and it features a huge inside courtyard where most transactions took place. On the courtyard's walls, scenes from London's history are painted, and various relief sculptures, including the prominent figure of Commerce, are sculpted above the portico's huge Corinthian columns. It was the city's third stock exchange. The Great Fire of London destroyed the original exchange, which had opened in 1570. (1666). The second exchange was created in 1669.

Overview of 1960s London 
During the early 1960s, London's music scene was transformed by an explosion of self-described rhythm-and-blues bands that began in suburban pubs and basements where students, former students, and could-have-been students made up both the audience and the performers. In no time, many of these bands were making records and replacing jazz bands in downtown jazz clubs. Their high-profile managers went on to change the face of the British music industry, frequently displaying a greater flair for entertainment and controversy than their artists.

History of the Royal Exchange Building
It has been burned down twice and rebuilt on both occasions. In the 1840s, Sir William Tite developed the current construction. The location was famously held by Lloyd's insurance market for about 150 years. Fortnum & Mason The Bar & Restaurant, as well as luxury stores and offices, currently occupy the Royal Exchange.

Important royal proclamations (including the dissolution of parliament) are customarily delivered out on the steps of the Royal Exchange by a herald or a crier. Following a monarch's death or abdication, the Royal Exchange Building is one of the sites where a herald presides, and the Succession Council verifies the new monarch's succession to the throne.

About the Royal Exchange 
On the recommendation of his factor Richard Clough, merchant Sir Thomas Gresham created the Royal Exchange in London in the 16th century to serve as a commercial focus for the City of London.

The City of London Corporation and the Worshipful Company of Mercers, who still own the freehold, granted the site. The intersection of Cornhill and Threadneedle Streets in the city centre, at Bank Junction, forms a trapezoidal border. Cornhill is the name of the ward in which it is located.

The Antwerp bourse, the world's first purpose-built bourse, with which Thomas Gresham, the English crown's representative in Antwerp, was familiar, and on which the concepts of the stock markets of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Middelburg would also be based, was inspired by Richard Clough's proposal to build the exchange in 1562.

Clough handled the importation of some of the items from Antwerp, including stone, slate, wainscot, and glass, for which he spent thousands of pounds, and it was Britain's first professional commercial building.

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