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Top 13 TikTok Agencies in the UK

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Top 13 TikTok Agencies in the UK

It is confirmed, TikTok is one of the most effective social media apps with a staggering amount of followership in billions, it won’t be out of place to see agencies who have leveraged on skilling on this app to model for business purposes alone. 

Perhaps you didn’t get the latter part, I'll paraphrase, ok? As we all know that any social media tool gaining buzz in this age and time is a golden tool for business. The likes of Facebook and Google are a clear example of this; and just like every dog deserves a bone, TikTok is no exception. 

Some brands have taken it upon themselves to understand all the features and theatrics of the app to benefit a user, or a prospective/growing brand seeking exposure. These people are identified as Agencies and they are everywhere, even in the UK. Don’t get too anxious, I'll share with you in this piece the top 13 TikTok agencies in the UK, amongst other possible questions related to TikTok. 

How has TikTok affected marketing?  
Making it happen in the digital arena may be difficult; but, with the help of specialists like The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai, this can be easily overcome. Look no further for SEO analysis, web design, development, PPC, digital marketing, and more.

If there's a buzz and people are paying attention, we can easily slip in some information, and there's marketing.

TikTok is a new age app designed and intended for leisure by Byte Dance in China, however, since the rules have changed, and one can now mix business with pleasure [how I can best define social media], the app considered for leisure has now been a channel for business. 

TikTok which was much more considered during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 is now considered a channel where business owners sell their brands creatively, and the ripple effect? Amazing! 

No doubt, marketing has taken a different toll from the place of awaiting a salesman to complete the conversion process. Digital marketing has disrupted the conventional mode of marketing. While television, radio, and signages still work, digital marketing gives room for interaction, which makes it even closer than just a voice from the company. 

Is TikTok digital marketing? 
TikTok is a good example of digital marketing in modern days. Digital marketing before now had us think of online newspapers or tabloids that generate traffic and are being reached for the sole aim of promoting a business or spreading out information. 

These days, it is different. If one has an online following with an active audience, it is easier to control or influence the audience with any information you choose to. Since marketing aims to enlighten the prospective audience on one’s services/products and convince them on taking an action. If it can be done on TikTok, then TikTok is a digital marketing platform or tool for consideration. 

Is TikTok BIG in the UK? 
Yes, TikTok is in the UK. When TikTok started gaining momentum in 2020, TikTok users in the UK were barely 12 million active users. 

TikTok has been accepted by people in the UK, with a larger portion of use from females compared to males. TikTok in the UK has been quite remarkable, with statistics in 2020 showing active user time per day is 45 minutes. It, therefore, shows the place of engagement, and a good spread of reach for those who leverage digital marketing, even in the UK. 

Can you advertise on TikTok UK? 
 You can run your adverts on the TikTok platform in the UK. You could also decide to be specific about your reach. TikTok ads cover special preferences like age bracket, gender, type of interest, and some other features. 

There are agencies in the UK that help with advertising using the TikTok application if you seem to be having a headache in doing this yourself.  
Top13 TikTok agencies in the UK. 

As of this time, TikTok is the most downloaded app on the iOS platform and one of the most downloaded social media apps globally. While it is an app considered for leisure, users have actively found a way to infuse business into it, such that they mix business with pleasure.  

Below are 13 TikTok agencies in the UK who have majored in helping out with brand visibility and marketing in social media applications including TikTok. 

1. Bee Influence. 
2. The good marketer. 
3. Audiencly 
4. Socially Powerful. 
5. Engage hub. 
6. Yoke Network. 
7. Social shepherd. 
8. Pulse. 
9. RedPill. 
10. The influencer marketing factory. 
11. Engage hub. 
12. Influentially. 
13. Fan bytes.  
For more interesting pointers on digital marketing, TikTok digital marketing, and SEO, The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai is your one-stop-shop. 

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