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Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the UK 2021

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Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the UK 2021

Did you know that as of 2021, the average individual spends 145 minutes which is equivalent to 2.4 hours, a day on the internet? This has now surpassed the average time people watch television.

As a result, to better understand the behaviour of internet users. Here are the top 10 most used websites in the UK While the top five are rather obvious, with names like Google, YouTube, and Facebook, the further down you go, the more unusual websites begin to appear.

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Here are the Top 9 Most Visited Websites in UK


1. Google.com

It should come as no surprise that Google is at the top of the list. This is a website that we all visit, many of us many times every day. There are many plausible explanations for this, but in general, it is most likely because Google.com appears in most people's browsers before Google.co.uk. With 62.95 billion visitors, Google.com is at the top of our ranking. The typical visit lasts slightly over 9 minutes, and users open roughly 8 pages each visit — this suggests that the majority of consumers use Google as a portal to other websites.


2. Youtube.com

YouTube is the second most popular website in the United Kingdom and the world. Founded in 2005 as a video-sharing software, YouTube is now used by millions of people as their major source of music, entertainment, and news. Youtube.com has a total of 25.18 billion subscribers. Users spend an average of 21 minutes each visit and open an average of 8 pages.


3. facebook.com

Facebook, the world's most popular social networking site, has 2.38 billion members, many of whom use the site numerous times a day. Facebook.com receives 20.90 billion visitors in the United Kingdom. Users spend an average of 11 minutes on the site and open ten pages every visit.


4. Google.co.uk

Using the UK edition of Google allows users to find information relevant to their area more quickly. Google.co.uk has had 567.88 million visitors. The average visit lasts 8 minutes, 28 seconds, with 8.88 web pages per visit.


5. Amazon.co.uk

It enables customers to purchase online with simplicity, locating items in every category, new or second-hand, at costs far lower than retail pricing. Amazon is one of the world's most successful online businesses, and the UK edition, although being limited to UK prices and items, is ranked 51st in the world. Amazon.co.uk receives 467.75 million visits each year, with an average visit time of 5 minutes and 47 seconds and 8.31 pages opened every visit.


6. EBay.co.uk

eBay is one of the world's most prominent online marketplaces, behind only Amazon. This website allows both individual sellers and corporations to sell new and old things using a bidding mechanism. The UK site provides millions of consumers with the things they require at the most competitive pricing. With 340.26 million views, an average visit time of 8 minutes and 40 seconds, and an average of 10.33 pages per visit, eBay.co.uk ranks sixth on our list.


7. BBC.co.uk

Since its inception in 2002, the online edition of BBC News has provided consumers around the United Kingdom with the sports, politics, and foreign stories they require daily. BBC News is one of the world's most popular news networks, and millions of people obtain the majority of their information from their website or mobile app. BBC.co.uk has had 582.28 million visitors. Users spend around 4 and a half minutes every visit and open an average of four pages.


8. Twitter.com

Twitter, one of the top three social media networks in the world, allows individuals to express their thoughts and current events. It has become a regular way for celebrities, politicians, and major global companies to swiftly convey significant news to the rest of the globe. Twitter.com has had 4.01 billion visitors in the United Kingdom. People spend slightly over 9 minutes on the site and open 7.43 pages on average.


9. Wikipedia.org

Wikipedia is a website that provides information that individuals all around the globe rely on daily. It is a completely free online encyclopaedia that allows users to learn about almost any subject with a single click. Wikipedia.org has seen 5.10 billion visitors. Users spend 3 minutes and 45 seconds on the site and open slightly under 3 pages on average.

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