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Is Python Worth Learning In 2022?

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Is Python Worth Learning In 2022?

If you are into web development, then you know very well that Python is the most popular language for machine learning and data science because of its popular ML libraries, such as Pandas and Scikit-learn. Anyone interested in a career in data science should be familiar with Python. Python for web development is expected to grow in popularity in 2022.

If you have an interest in programming languages, Python is the best choice to learn and start with because it is not only easier and more efficient to learn, but it is also in high demand in fields such as artificial intelligence and data science. Well, here are some things you should know about Python.

1. Python is Slow
Compared to other programming languages and software, python is slow. You know, we live in a fast-paced world, and people want things done swiftly. People want programming jobs to be done and delivered faster and quicker. Pro developers and programmers also want to beat deadlines and be on schedule for other projects, and in cases like this, python might not just be the best option.

2. Lack of Logic in Design
Okay, truth be told, the python user interface is not as fancy as what most programmers and developers use it for. Compared to the user interface of other programming software, python's isn't really on point. You know how a website or app can be all tush, cool-looking, modern and contemporary, with all the beautiful colours and stuff; python software is quite far from that. 

3. Python doesn't Compile Before Execution
Other programming software compiles all you've done and executes it at once, while python doesn't do that. Python executes one after the other. 

1. Beginner Friendly
I mean, the python software was initially built to give computer students a hands-on coding experience. So, if you're looking for somewhere to start, Python is your first stop. 

Also, most developers and programmers agree that if you're trying to build a full-time career as a developer (or programmer) you should start with Python because it has the added advantage of making other programming languages/software easier to learn (if you will learn another programming language in the future). 

2. The Salary of A Python Developer is Usually Higher than that of other Developers
If you want to start as a freelancer, and you want to earn big bucks quicker as a developer or programmer, then you will want to start with Python. Statistics show that a Python developer/programmer earns around $72,000-$1,44,000 a year. And come to think of it, python developers and programmers are in high demand currently. 

3. Versatile, Vast Library Support/Framework
As a developer, or programmer, you can use python for a countless number of things; App development, Website development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, Scientific computing, Data analysis, Data science etc. As far as the ICT world is concerned, there are no limits to how far you can go when coding with Python.

Also, as a beginner (or a pro) there are lots of helpful tools and templates that will make coding easier for you when you're coding with Python. 

4. High-Level Programming Syntax, and Productive
The syntax is a set of rules, regulations that govern or guide the structure and organisation of a programming language. Just like every language, programming has its lt rules and regulations. For example, in the English Language we have a rule of concord (subject-verb agreement), and to speak and write good and effective English, you have to obey those rules. Or, another instance would be a country. You know, every country has its own set of laws, rules, and regulations, and for one to be a good citizen, he or she would have to be law-abiding.

The same goes for python. Python has its dos and don'ts as a programming language, and you have to obey it to be a good python developer or programmer. 

But what is it that stands python out, as a programming language, from other programming languages/software? It's because it is high level.

And by high level I mean, it's closer to us, humans. It's easier to read and understand as humans. Some other programming languages are more difficult to understand and as such are closer to machines. This right here marks the distinction between python and other snakes, sorry, other programming languages. 

So, because of the high-level programming syntax, developers and programmers are usually of the opinion that the programming software is more productive than its competitors. Since you can read and easily understand it, one naturally will get more productive with it. 

5. Free, Open Source, and Compatible
Python is free. You don't have to buy the software, you're not charged any fees. No hidden fees. No monthly subscription. No membership payment. It's completely free. Just get the software and you're good to go. 

And also, it's open source. Now, by an open source I mean, python software can be modified, updated, or tweaked by anyone. It's not copyrighted, so anyone is licensed to do anything with it. Sounds cool, right? Do you remember when I talked about how outdated, and bizarre the user interface of python is? You can improve on that and get a better user interface and experience for yourself. Other programming software won't let you do that. They're strictly copyrighted, and almost always not free. 
Again, it is compatible. Python agrees with other programming languages and software. 

Now, you've seen all the ins and outs of python, would you still want to give it a try in 2022? Here's my take. 

In my opinion, I'd say you should go for it. I mean, it's the most popular programming language out there, it's high in demand, easy to learn, and when you learn it, learning other programming languages will be easier. So, it's like a gateway into the vast world of programming, development, and ICT in general. 

And apart from that, top companies like Google, YouTube, Spotify, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, NASA, Reddit, etc., use python; this proves its credibility and worthiness

  Feb 07, 2022       by ebimo-dogubo       1.4K Views

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