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Is Appointy online appointment scheduling software worth the talk?

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Is Appointy online appointment scheduling software worth the talk?

There is always a need to seek out the best tools or devices that serve us in our routines. Oftentimes, people have a tool that they use to execute varying tasks, if not with a manual approach, then with a methodology or a tool. 

With the pang for daily bread and productivity in the long run, it is expedient that one stays on top of one’s to-do list. This would require the need to have a Personal Assistant or simply pen down one’s choice of thoughts on a paper as most people do or be innovative by using an online appointment scheduling software tool like Appointy. 

In today’s post, I will share with you why you need a scheduling tool like Appointy, its features, and what makes it unique compared to others. 

What is an appointment? 

Appointy is a software tool that allows businesses to manage and schedule appointments with their clients or customers. It is designed to help businesses streamline their appointment scheduling processes and improve the customer experience. 

What are the features of Appointy? 

Some features of Appointy might include the ability to book appointments online, send reminders to customers, and manage multiple schedules. With Appointy, one can schedule events, classes, workshops, and other personal interests, such as travel tours, rides, and other personal activities. 

Considering that Appointy is a web-based application, it provides an edge that makes it accessible from any device with an internet connection anywhere. 

With an all-in-one appointment booking tool, one is assured to reduce the time spent coordinating appointments over the phone and email. One can conveniently accept reservations online around-the-clock, automate payments, run personal businesses, channel more energy into marketing, and do other creative things that more time now provides. 

Considering that each user would be using other software tools in their activities, Appointy provides easy integration with other software applications that are currently running, such that the system integrates with popular payment apps, social media, video conferencing tools, personal and work calendars, and other applications. 

Is Appointy a free software tool? 

As a cloud-based scheduling tool that assists organizations and professionals in managing their routines and activities related to scheduling appointments, Appointy provides a free service software tool to accommodate any enthusiast to enjoy 14 days of a full-featured, unlimited edition of our service, which is offered for free. 

When one is ready to enjoy more features, the option to upgrade is available, and one can easily pick the plan that best meets their requirements. 

What are the four paid subscriptions available for upgrades using Appointy? 

There are four subscription plans for Appointy software applications. This ranges from free to growth to professional to enterprise. Below are the features that make them outstanding in their capacities: 

1. Free Subscription. 

The Free Subscription provides access to one staff member and includes 5 services. Asides from these, below are some interesting features that make it stand out: 

  1. New Google bookings. 
  2. Fluid website integration 
  3. Square Payments and Point of Sale. 
  4. Zapier (Connect with over 1000 apps) 
  5. The application provides auto reminders. 
  6. Unique mobile app features. 
  7. The user is eligible to create 100 appointments in a month. 

 2. Growth Subscription. 

Although the Growth subscription starts with a 14-day free trial, after which comes a monthly subscription of USD 19.99 which is billed annually. Other unique features of this plan are: 

  1. It provides unlimited services 
  2. Subject to our fair usage policy * 
  3. Integrated Live chat and timely email support. 
  4. It provides easy customization depending on the user’s creatives. 
  5. Google calendar sync + iCal feed. 
  6. Accept payments through Stripe, PayPal and Authorize.NET 
  7. Advanced booking features. 

 3. Professional Subscription. 

The professional subscription also provides a 14-day free trial, after which comes a monthly subscription of USD 49.99 and a 5-staff inclusivity for the user base. 

Other unique features that the Professional subscription provides are seen below. 

  1. It provides access to staff login.
  2. Gift certificates. 
  3. Resource scheduling. 
  4. There is an optional dedicated relationship manager.

 4.       Growth Subscription. 

The Growth subscription also provides a 14-day free trial, after which comes with a monthly subscription of USD 79.99 which is also paid annually.  

Other perks attached to the Growth subscription are seen below: 

  1. Multi-location.
  2. It offers 2 locations included.
  3. SMS text customization.
  4. Dedicated relationship manager.
  5. Removal of Appointy branding.
  6. Custom development is available at an additional cost.


If you are seeking a new online appointment scheduling tool, a worthy recommendation would be the use of Appointy. It is safe to start with the free subscription to enjoy the benefits of the doubt on how exquisite the service would be, and how well they align with your purpose of use and service delivery. 

  Jan 23, 2023       by oluwafemi-smith       125 Views

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