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How Travelperk Makes Traveling Easier

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How Travelperk Makes Traveling Easier

The path that leads to a destination could have different routes, what lies as important is getting to the destination with little or no stress...where possible. 

Many people who consider traveling like me should find this post interesting, as you no longer have to extra plan and forget some vitals for your next family vacation or that business trip you were assigned to represent this week. 

While the world has gradually gravitated toward software applications, good use of tools that simplify one’s processes is a welcome idea any day. In today’s post, you will understand what Travelperk is and the perks that come with using its services. 

What is Travelperk? 

TravelPerk is a business travel management platform that helps companies and organizations plan and book business travel. It offers a range of features and tools to streamline the process of booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related services. 

Some of the features of TravelPerk include: 
  1. A customizable platform that allows companies to set travel policies and budgets, as well as choose preferred suppliers and negotiate discounts.
  2. An online booking tool that allows users to search and compare prices from various travel providers, as well as book flights, hotels, and car rentals in one place.
  3. Integration with popular travel and expense management systems, such as Concur and Expensify.
  4. A mobile app that allows users to access their travel itineraries and make changes on the go. 

How does Travelperk work? 

TravelPerk works by providing a platform for companies and organizations to manage and book business travel. Here is a general overview of how the process works: 

First, a company signs up for a TravelPerk account and sets up its travel policies and budgets. This includes specifying preferred suppliers, such as airlines and hotels, and negotiating discounts with them. 

Employees can then use the TravelPerk platform to book their business trip. This can be done through the online booking tool or the mobile app. 

When an employee wants to book a trip, they can search for flights, hotels, and car rentals using the TravelPerk platform. The platform searches for multiple suppliers to find the best prices and options based on the company's travel policies and preferences. 

Once the employee has found the desired travel options, they can book them through the TravelPerk platform. Payment can be made using a company credit card or through an integration with a travel and expense management system.

The employee's travel itinerary and details are then stored on the TravelPerk platform, and they can access them at any time through the mobile app or online. This includes information about flights, hotels, car rentals, and any other travel-related services. 

What are the shortcomings of Travelperk? 

It's important to note that TravelPerk, like any product or service, may have certain limitations or shortcomings. Some potential drawbacks of using TravelPerk may include: 
  1. Cost: TravelPerk charges a fee for its services, which may be considered expensive by some companies. The specific cost will depend on the features and services that a company chooses to use. 
  2. Limited supplier options: TravelPerk works with a limited number of suppliers, so companies may not have access to the full range of travel options that are available on the market. 
  3. Limited customization: While TravelPerk allows companies to set travel policies and preferences, some users may find that the platform does not offer as much customization as they would like. 
  4. User interface: Some users may find the TravelPerk user interface difficult to navigate or use. 
  5. Limited support: TravelPerk may not offer as much support or assistance as some users would like, especially for more complex or customized travel arrangements. 


It's worth noting that these limitations may vary based on a company's specific needs and preferences and that TravelPerk may address some of these issues in future updates or releases.  

Overall, TravelPerk aims to make the process of booking and managing business travel easier, more efficient, and streamlined for companies and their employees.  

  Jan 03, 2023       by oluwafemi-smith       758 Views

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