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How to access iCloud and iCloud Photos

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How to access iCloud and iCloud Photos

Photos are the official iOS photo storage application and are linked to iCloud Photos, a cloud storage alternative that uses the iCloud account linked to the iPhone to create an updated backup of your photos.

Your images are important to Apple, and the moments you capture with the camera of your iOS device remain safe in your iCloud account thanks to this function. iCloud allows you to store personal data, notes, and photos in a backup space of up to 5GB for free. 

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iCloud Photos automatically updates the photos you capture with your iPhone as long as the option is enabled in Settings. It is possible to view these photos from different tools and whenever you want, as long as you have internet access. 

In this post you will learn 3 easiest ways to access your iCloud and iCloud Photos:
1. How to View iCloud Photos from Website
2. How to View iCloud Photos with Desktop App
3. How to View iCloud Photos with AnyTrans

1. How to View iCloud Photos from Website
An easy way to access the photos stored in your iCloud account is by using any web browser and following these steps:
1. Go to icloud.com and enter your Apple ID and Password to log in.
2. The content categories available in your account are displayed. Click Photos.
3. You now have access to the photos distributed in albums and stored in your iCloud account. By clicking on each photo you will be able to have a preview of the image.

2. How to View iCloud Photos with the Desktop App
iCloud has an application available for Windows that allows access to its content. With this alternative, you can download all your photos to your computer and access them whenever you decide, without the need for an internet connection. With these instructions you will be able to view iCloud photos on your computer:
1. Download and install iCloud for Windows.
2. Open the application. Click Options next to Photos.
3. Select the iCloud Photo Library and Download new videos and photos to my computer boxes and click OK.
4. Wait for the synchronization to complete to enter the folder established for downloading the photos and you will be able to view the photos from iCloud.

Although this method allows you to access your photos offline once you enable the download, you cannot select the images separately, but all the photos are automatically saved when your iCloud account is synchronized with the device.

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3. How to View iCloud Photos with AnyTrans
AnyTrans is an application available for Windows and Mac and compatible with iOS 5 or higher devices. This content manager allows you to manage the data and files stored on your device, with functions superior to those of iTunes and an easy-to-use interface, which together with the variety of media it supports makes AnyTrans an indispensable tool if you have an iPhone. With AnyTrans you can access everything stored on an iPhone using a USB cable, but it is also possible to use an iTunes or iCloud account to manage the backed-up content.

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