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How live streaming can help your business?

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How live streaming can help your business?

Live streaming is no longer a novelty for marketers – live video is changing the way brands interact with their audiences. A live video strategy engages viewers in ways that other social media formats cannot: it is immediate and authentic. And marketers are taking notice, with 28% increasing their investment in live streaming.

Customers expect live video at every stage of the buying process. To meet this rising demand, smart brands are incorporating tools like Vimeo, LinkedIn Live, Facebook Live, and Periscope into their marketing mix. With all these strategies of live streaming being such liability to your business, let’s find out why it’s so important.

Why is live streaming good for marketing?
1. Attending Events That Your Fans Want to See
There are always exciting events going on around the world, and many of your followers want to know what is going on. If you're attending an event, such as a trade show or a marketing conference, and there's something your followers want to see, live stream it. This approach, however, does not apply to every industry. A roofing company attending a roofing trade show might not attract many visitors, but a tech company attending a trade show filled with the newest and coolest gadgets would.

2. Prominent Social Media Presence
Live streaming is a very social experience, and the majority of it is done on social media platforms. To be successful, the company must have a strong and engaging social media presence.

Before you can seriously consider engaging in live streaming, you must first have a solid social strategy in place that is working. If your social pages only have a few hundred followers, you're unlikely to see a positive return on your investment in the stream.

3. Expertise Isn't Available Elsewhere 
Live streaming isn't just for the sake of entertainment. People will come to watch if you can provide expert advice or a tutorial that they can't get anywhere else. Businesses have been doing live streams for a while, but only in the form of live webinars.

Panels, Q&As, tutorials, and lectures from industry experts are all examples of potential live streams that can attract viewers. This is especially pertinent to the B2B industry, but it may also apply to specific B2C markets where consumers spend a significant amount of time educating themselves.

4. Have a Streaming Talent?
A good live stream entails more than just turning on your phone's camera and talking about whatever comes to mind. On-screen talent, planning, video equipment, and creative content are all required.

First, you must decide who will be your on-screen talent/host. This does not have to be the CEO or the entire company, but they must be comfortable with live streaming. This typically refers to someone who can think quickly on their feet, is personable, likeable, and at ease in front of a camera. This person becomes the company's face, especially when it comes to living streams.

Following that, the company will need to invest in proper streaming and video tools. This includes a high-quality camera, lighting, microphones, and live streaming software.

Why are live streaming apps important to marketers?
Authentic User Interaction
Because of its real-time broadcast, live streaming adds a human element to the operation that no other digital marketing platform can match. A live video can help to demonstrate the authenticity of a brand. Live videos can also lead to increased engagement and customer loyalty.

It is also important because live streaming enables businesses to broadcast live videos and receive real-time feedback from their followers, allowing for an instant connection. People prefer to interact with brands in real-time via modern technologies such as live streaming, which no longer limits personal connection.

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