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How do I create a LocalBitcoins account?

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How do I create a LocalBitcoins account?

Local Bitcoins is a legitimate platform, similar to eBay, where dealers in your region offer bitcoins for sale at various prices and transact directly with you. 

Local Bitcoins accepts online bank transfers, cash deposits at local banks or transfer agencies like Western Union, and in-person meetings with sellers. 

Most bitcoin vendors will not accept payment by PayPal or credit card from a first-time buyer. If you would like to find out how to create a local bitcoin account then keep reading.

1. Go to https://localbitcoins.com/ and press the large green ‘Sign up free' button. 
2. Enter your information and click the ‘Register' button. 
3. Confirm your account by going to the email address you supplied and click the link in the registration email you received. 
4. You now have a Wallet that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins as well as use them to buy items. On the home page, you can see how many bitcoins you have in your wallet next to the Bitcoin ‘B‘ at the right-hand side of the top toolbar. 
5. When you click on the ‘B,' you will be sent to a website that allows you to transfer bitcoins and displays your unique bitcoin address, which is made up of a long series of numbers and letters.
6. To complete a purchase, you may need to update your profile by registering your true name and validating your phone number. To do so, click the person symbol on the right side of the top toolbar and then scroll down to ‘Edit profile.' Then select verification or 'Real Name'. 

1. Log in to your account at localbitcoins.com. 
2. On the left side of the toolbar at the top of the website, click on ‘Buy Bitcoins.'
3. You'll see a list of vendors in your region with the following details: 

This provides you the seller's name, as well as their statistics: (100+, 100 percent ), denotes that they have completed over 100 deals and have a perfect rating. We would recommend working with a vendor that has these stats. If there is a green dot next to their name, they are online and active, a brown dot means they are inactive, and a grey dot means they are offline. 

This indicates the preferred payment method of the vendor. 

PRICE/BTC — the seller's price per bitcoin in your local currency. 

LIMITS – This informs you of the minimum and maximum amount they will sell for. 

PAYMENT Form - the seller's preferred method of payment.

4. Choose a seller with a decent rate and stats, the appropriate limits for you, your favorite payment method, and who is online and active (green spot), then click ‘Buy‘ next to their information (don't worry, you are under no obligation to buy at this stage). 

5. On the right side of the next page, you will find an introduction and description of the seller's conditions. For a first-time sale, they will most likely need you to scan and transmit some sort of ID to show that your name correlates with your bank account (drivers license/passport/bank card with numbers covered or anything similar), so make sure you have that handy before proceeding with the exchange. 

6. Enter the bitcoin amount you want. 

7. into the blue BTC box and the amount you'll pay in your local currency will be displayed in the blue box on the left. To determine how much bitcoin you require, visit preev.com and look at the current USD/BTC rate, or contact us at info@wormswell.com to obtain a quotation.

8. Add a note to identify yourself and ask any questions you may have (for example, "Hi, this is my first bitcoin transaction"), and then click on "Send trade request." 

9. The following page will allow you to speak with the seller in real-time, provide your ID, and follow their instructions to send cash to them. You'll be texting a real person now, and they should be able to walk you through the last few stages.

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