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Audible Subscriptions UK: Membership Subscription plans

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Audible Subscriptions UK: Membership Subscription plans

Just recently Audible changed all of their plans which I believe is for the best because now audible's a lot easier to understand. They're a lot more simple, and that's what this post will be about; we'll speak about the plans and the benefits of each so you can determine whether it's worth it or not. Remember that the average self-made millionaire reads more than two books per month so this is something to definitely strive for. If you want to learn more about what each subscription has to offer, check out our thorough audible membership analyses, as well as some excellent money-saving tips and techniques.

Audible Membership Subscription plans

1.. Audible Plus
  1. Monthly membership Unrestricted access to the new Audible Plus collection (over 11,000 titles).
  2. All audiobooks in the Audible store are discounted by 30%.
The new Audible Plus plan is a significant shift from the audiobook service's prior entry-level Audible Gold subscription. The previous token system has been phased out in favor of a considerably lower monthly fee and unrestricted access to the new 'Audible Plus library,' which presently stands at about 11,000 titles with ambitions to grow even more in the future. The current program supports documentaries, self-help, kids, wellness, and humor, as well as the rapidly expanding library of Audible Originals, which are unique to Audible. 

While losing the monthly free book token is disappointing, especially if you were planning on purchasing any of the new releases, the fact that you're saving a lot of money here and having such a diverse range of content packaged in more than compensates for that loss, in our opinion. You'll also continue to receive a convenient 30% discount on any Audible store purchases, which can be combined with any Audible offers to quickly build up your collection of titles.

2.. Audible Premium Plus
  1. Monthly subscription: Receive one to two free audiobooks from the Audible store each month.
  2. Access to the new Audible Plus library is unrestricted (over 11,000 titles). 
  3. Audible offers a 30 percent discount on all audiobooks in its store.
  4. Annual subscription: 12 to 24 free audiobook tokens delivered in advance. 
  5. Access to the new Audible Plus library is unrestricted (over 11,000 titles). 
  6. All audiobooks in the Audible store are discounted by 30%. 
According to the company's website, it replaces last year's Gold and Platinum plans.
For the price of the old Gold tier, you now have unrestricted access to the new Plus library, as well as the free monthly book token - a fantastic update for customers in our opinion. 

With that free book token every month (or twelve ahead in the case of the yearly membership), you can still get a new release to keep each month, which is fantastic for saving money overall if you're an active reader.

Should I go with the Plus or Premium package? 
That is a difficult question. The Audible Plus's very cheap pricing and completely massive selection of free material make it an exceptionally appealing prospect for both new users and avid readers. However, the free audiobook tokens you'll receive with the Premium Plus service make it ideal for getting your hands on brand new titles without spending a single penny. 

Fortunately, you can join up for a free trial of both services to see if you'll benefit from the free monthly token or if the expanded Plus library will meet all of your audiobook demands. You may also start with the regular Audible Plus service monthly and then increase your membership to the following year as needed - a very cost-effective strategy and a fantastic way to ease yourself into the world of audiobooks.

Monthly or Annual Subscription?
If you're ready to make a long-term commitment to Audible, the yearly pricing choices will provide you more free audiobook tokens for your money. Spending the same money as 10 months of a monthly membership will save you $30. You don't have to use all of your credits at once because they don't expire (unless you deactivate your account).

That said, it's a lot to pay for an annual membership upfront, so if you're still not sure if you'll use the 12 tokens, the monthly plan is still a great option for casual listeners.

Finally, I hope you liked reading it as much as I did writing it, and that you learned something new. 

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