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Why Prezi is More Than a Presentation Tool

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Why Prezi is More Than a Presentation Tool

Creating exceptional ideas may be a task, especially in the ideation phase, where all you can do is think and churn out concepts. While some find this phase not so rigorous a process, sharing the ideas is more of a task for them than ideation. 

Aside from word of mouth during a pitch to an audience, when considering some select numbers of people to share ideas with, especially when it requires more details, some digital tools can enhance your presentation—and I'm not talking about PowerPoint. 

In today’s read, I will introduce you to something new that can save you time, stress, and imbalances when sharing your ideas with a different audience. It will not only help with how you present but also with clarity and retention. 

What is Prezi? 

Prezi is an award-winning topic presentation software that helps one organize, manage, and collaborate on presentations by sharing them with an audience across devices. 

Prezi is the ideal tool for presentations. It was created to permit the user to focus on information while the presentation design is handled by the tool. 

Prezi makes it easier for anyone to create an engaging experience as an online presentation organizer that enables one to create interactive multimedia presentations in seconds. 

Culled from the word "presentation," which means "Prezi" in Hungary, "Prezi" has proven to be the ideal tool for complex ideas and a lasting impression. 

What can Prezi be used for? 

Prezi is a multipurpose multimedia presentation tool used as an alternative to traditional slide-making programs. Instead of slides, Prezi leverages a large canvas that allows panning and zooming to various parts of the canvas to emphasize the ideas presented. 

If you are the type that considers presentation, teleconferencing, and video sharing, you may need to try your hands on Prezi, as it has been confirmed to be a jolly ride for most users. 

It finds use among sales and marketing professionals, such that it has emerged as a conversational presenting capability platform with business-focused features like collaboration tools, Slack integration, and analytics. 

What makes Prezi different from other similar platforms? 

When designing new software, one of the major motivations is the creation of a new solution that curbs the flaws or inadequacies of existing solutions. 

If considering an alternative to conventional slide-based presentation styles, the Prezi platform is an ideal choice, as it is a visual storytelling software. Users of Prezi presentations can navigate between themes, focus on specifics, and pull back to display context using a map-like overview function. 

Slack, GoToWebinar, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Facebook, and Webex are just a few of the popular video chat platforms and collaboration applications that Prezi Video works with. 

How well has Prezi done? 

Founded in 2009, the Hungarian video and visual communications software company has opened offices in San Francisco, Budapest, and Riga as of 2020. 

In their usual bid for expansion, Prezi Inc. launched Prezi Video in 2019 for virtual presentations within the video screen of a live or recorded presentation. 

In 2021, the software company recorded more than 100 million users worldwide with approximately 400 million presentations in the line of use. 

Regarding market penetration, as of January 2022, the company has explored 13 countries and currently has around 300 employees. 

Is Prezi free? 

Prezi is available for free, and this access provides a variety of presentation outlines and many more tools with a Prezi basic membership. 

While the free membership sounds interesting, the clause is that you may have your presentations seen by the public.
Additionally, there are paid account options that offer you access to additional tools and the choice to keep your presentations private. 

If you decide to use a Prezi basic account, you will be charged $5/month; a plus version goes for $10/month, and a select premium subscription costs $19/month. These charges for subscriptions are usually passed on annually. 


People who seek digital tools to ease their processes have attested to the use of Prezi as an easily accessible platform for presentations. 
If you are looking for alternatives other than the traditional PowerPoint, you may want to try your hands on any of the packages here at Prezi. 
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