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Why is Digital Marketing Important in UK Restaurants

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Why is Digital Marketing Important in UK Restaurants

As an African, I have been to multiple restaurants and I can tell you for free that Digital Marketing is just as important as the Air we breathe in the world of Restaurants. According to statista.com, the United Kingdom has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world. Almost the entire nation has access to the internet with an estimated 62.86  million users in 2021. 

With the statistics in mind, it is very clear that the United Kingdom is a digital-oriented country to keep up with the pace restaurant owners should lean towards that direction. And as Peter Drucker puts it, marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product and services fit him and sell itself. Digital marketing provides such a forum to United kingdom restaurant businesses.                              

What is Digital Marketing 

Restaurant digital marketing is the process whereby restaurants uses the internet to reach customers and such encompasses email and various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even website creation.

How can Digital Marketing Promote a Restaurant?

One of the main objectives of digital marketing of which social media is a tool is the creation of awareness.  Through the creation of awareness restaurant owners will be able to create in the heart of customers certain content that will stick for a very long time in their minds.  Also, digital marketing serves as a connector or a bridge between the restaurant and its customers. For instance, through the comments section on social media customers can reach out to restaurant owners for complaints and in some cases advise on how to improve on their services.

Does Restaurant need Digital Marketing?

Professor Stuart Henderson Britt reminded us that doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.  Through digital marketing, an avenue is created where restaurant owners can communicate with their numerous customers in a Short time and it is vital for the growth of the restaurant.

What are the challenges we face in Digital Marketing?

In every business risk is inevitable. Everything that has an advantage is bound to have a disadvantage or shortcoming of digital marketing is not left out. One of the fundamental challenges one can think of is that Digital Marketing is very difficult to capture customers attention because they are constantly inundated with competing advert and such may cause distraction and divided loyalty. Also, the issue of hackers should be considered. Digital marketing mostly depends on the internet. There are many hackers present on the internet who can breach security and misuse your social media account. Such an act can have very serious consequences on the restaurant operating such an account.


These are some of the digital marketing tools needed for restaurants in the UK:

1. Social media: one of the sole aims of a social media marketing campaign is product awareness. Through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook customers are educated on how and why they should eat certain kinds of food. 

2. Functional website: Every restaurant should have a functional website where feedback can be obtained. For example, customers can share experiences at dining at your restaurant and such feedback is very Paramount in the growth of any restaurant.

3. Video digital marketing: Through video podcasts and in some cases tik-tok or YouTube videos an avenue is created to show, teach customers the benefits of some food to the body system. 

Finally, Just like the old saying if u don't say your location nobody will know where you are. through digital marketing restaurants in the united kingdom have been able to reach every household which is vital to the growth of the economy of the united kingdom and most importantly customers have been well educated on foods and their importance to the body. I hope this helps you especially if you are starting your restaurants. 

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