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Which is better Kotlin or Flutter?

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Which is better Kotlin or Flutter?

Smartphone users have increased in recent years, and by 2021, they will account for half of the world's population - 3.8 billion people. There will always be a need for supply to satisfy demand, which is why mobile app sales have soared in recent years. It has increased from $97.7 billion in 2014 to a whopping $365 billion in 2018. Statista forecasts $935.2 billion in continuing steady growth in 2023. Today we are going to be doing a comparison between Kotlin and flutter and find out which is better.

What exactly is Kotlin? 
Kotlin is an open-source, statically typed programming language that works with Java. It has superior features to Java as a standalone language, but it also functions well in combination with the older language. Kotlin's multiplatform features enable developers to exchange code, logic, and data across many platforms, including iOS, Android, and Web. 

Advantages of Using Kotlin 
In this section, we will discuss the advantages of adopting Kotlin and compare it to Flutter. 

1. Code that is Simple and Concise 
The simple syntax of Kotlin makes your code clearer and more concise. Less time spent creating fewer lines of code increases the efficiency of your development team, saving you important time and money. 

2. It is compatible with Java. 
Because Kotlin retains a significant amount of Java's object-oriented design, converting existing Java code is simple. Because of this interoperability, both developing in both languages and migrating applications from Java to Kotlin become easier and faster.

3. Consistent and safe 
Bugs are compiled in the development process because your codebase is shorter and easier to understand, thus problems are identified and repaired early on. Kotlin developers attempted to produce one of the finest mobile programming languages for Android while also addressing concerns with Java. 

Disadvantages of Kotlin
Do the disadvantages of using Kotlin outweigh the advantages? Let's look at some of the most prevalent constraints while creating using Kotlin. 

1. A language that is in its infancy 
While there are some parallels between Kotlin and Java, employing a Java developer is not the same as hiring a Kotlin-savvy coder. Because the programming language is still relatively new, the present recruiting demand far outnumbers the number of available Kot positions.

2. More costly 
The cost of developing a mobile app skyrockets since the Kotlin SDK provides semi-native functionality. Kotlin's pricing implications make it a costly programming language, particularly when developing prototypes and MVPs. 

3. Compilation Speed is Slower 
Another drawback of Kotlin is its slower compilation time as compared to Java. In exceptional instances, Kotlin outperforms Java in compilation time, although it is usually significantly slower. Native Americans' Lack of Support. Currently, Kotlin is not particularly friendly to Native. While the Kotlin/Native product is growing, it still lacks functionality that developers want, such as a Kotlin-based, platform-independent GUI.

What exactly is Flutter? 
Flutter is a UI toolkit created by Google that is driven by the Dart platform and allows you to construct a native-like mobile app with a single codebase. It allows app developers to create two distinct apps for iOS and Android using a single programming language. Flutter can also be used to create macOS apps and is presently being beta tested for web apps. Flutter is built on Dart, a computer language developed by Google.

Advantages of Using Flutter 
1. Simple to Use 
The Flutter-Dart code combination is simple to use and learn. If your developers have ever written code in Swift, React Native, or Java, they will notice a difference with Flutter's contemporary framework. With considerably less code, you can develop completely working apps.

2. The documentation for Open-Source and Free Flutter is user-friendly
And straightforward to explore, making it quick and easy to get answers to any of your queries. 

3. View the Output in Real-Time
Flutter allows you to update your code and see the changes in real-time thanks to a feature called Hot Reload. Hot Reload enables you to make changes to the back-end and quickly see the front-end changes, reducing the need to reload the entire program.

4. Popularity is increasing 
Flutter isn't as extensively used as it might be, but it's gaining traction. Dart is quickly becoming one of the most popular programming languages, while Flutter was voted top among other cross-platform development tools by GitHub problems. 

The disadvantages of using Flutter
1. It is not as widely used
While developers like Flutter's contemporary framework, there aren't as many instructional materials and classes available for aspiring coders because Dart is less popular than Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, C#, and C.

2. Large App Sizes 
Flutter-built apps are quite large, which is a challenge for developers who are attempting to design apps that will not take up too much space on restricted IOS and Android devices.

Flutter vs. Kotlin Cross-Platform 
When it comes to Flutter versus Kotlin, there is no ideal option; you must choose depending on your specific situation, team, and perhaps existing codebase. Google supports both Kotlin and Flutter, so you can't go wrong.

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