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Understanding Trust and Citation Flow in Modern SEO 2021

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Understanding Trust and Citation Flow in Modern SEO 2021

It is often said that we cannot put old wine in a new wineskin, and as the new year unfolds it is sacrosanct we equip ourselves with modern technology tricks in Search Engine Optimization [SEO] to our business advantage. 

SEO is understood to be a vital key to any business listed on the internet. It is a set of changes and optimizations on a website designed to increase organic (free) traffic by ranking it high in Google search results. 

The primary purpose of SEO is to set your website’s ranking high, such that search engines allow users to find your site when they search for keywords related to your industry (niche), brand, or products/services. 

There are two pointers to the purpose of SEO that we must address, they are: 


This simply means that you could attract all of the visitors in the world, but if their reason for visiting your site is because Google tells them you're a resource for Apple computers when you're a farmer selling apples, then that's a problem. What a farmer here wants is to truly be identified as a farmer and that he sells edible apples and not Apple computer hardware. 


More traffic is better once you have the right people clicking through from those Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 
Now that we have an understanding of that, how about we review Trust and Citation Flow for the modern business owner in 2021. 
Quality websites are not rated only by their color and images uploaded; one of the very first things that would require a check is their content. For free, I could tell you that the quality of your content affects numerous factors that determine the amount of traffic, along with searchability and the trustworthiness of the content. The quality of content is very important because your goal is to create useful content with accurate information which addresses the user's needs, making it search-friendly. tracking this data of cause takes time, and requires the right tools, however, you have them, finding high-quality content and websites becomes way easier.  

Trust and Citation Flows are simply metrics that can be used to assess these factors. These two metrics have become critical in assessing link quality, which is a major indicator of a website's reputation. 


One of the most important factors of the Trust flow is the number of authoritative links on your website since Trust Flow is a metric that assesses a website's trustworthiness by examining its overall quality, which makes linking to quality websites even more important, as content marketing necessitates citing or mentioning several reputable websites, as they will help bring in link juice, allowing Google to crawl your website more frequently.  

The trustworthiness of a website is something that takes quality time to build through the creation of quality content. By this, a steady stream of weekly articles is a good thing but ensuring that these articles consistently remain of the highest quality should be the goal, which is what the good people of The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai do diligently. 


The Citation Flow assesses the popularity of your website's links, resulting in a more influential website. Citation Flow, unlike Trust Flow, does not consider the quality of backlinks but rather the popularity of the website. This implies that while they may do so well in gaining high traffic, they may not contain trustworthy content. 

The sole aim of digital marketing is to build your digital brand, and creating a website filled with rich quality content is the best way to keep the process going, so the combination of both SEO tools aids in identifying factors such as organic traffic, the number of quality backlinks, and referring domains. It is therefore clear that when it comes to content marketing and link building, this data is essential, as you would be able to determine the best places to connect with, along with finding the best sources for your content. 

Trust & Citation flow is not something to obsess over, rather, something to be aware of. There is a need to pair your citation flow metric with trust flow to have an optimum result on your deliverables. 

For more insights on Modern SEO’s, Website Development, Digital Marketing, and SEO, you can always trust The Watchtower, the best and award-winning #Website Development Company.

  May 07, 2021       by oluwafemi-smith       1.3K Views

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