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UK Companies willing to Sponsor Tier 2 Visa 2022

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UK Companies willing to Sponsor Tier 2 Visa 2022

If you want to hire a worker from outside the UK, the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland, you will almost certainly need to obtain a UK sponsorship for an employers license. If your UK Visa sponsorship for employers license is accepted, you will receive a license (with an A rating) valid for four years, allowing you to issue certificates of sponsorship to suitable foreign employees. As a result, this visa is required for those seeking to provide work in the UK for foreigners, including those seeking a Work Permit UK.

How to Apply for a UK Visa Sponsorship for Employers
  1. To apply for a UK visa sponsorship for employers in 2022, you must first confirm your company's eligibility.
  2. Choose the type of license you require (i.e. the kind of worker you are looking to sponsor)
  3. Appoint individuals to oversee the sponsorship process internally.
  4. Apply and pay the associated fees online by clicking here.
Note on upcoming UK immigration changes for UK visa sponsorship in 2022 
Employers considering sponsoring non-UK workers after January 2021 should be aware that a points-based UK immigration system will replace the current UK Visas and Immigration system on that date. Fundamental changes to employer sponsorship in the United Kingdom will also take place in terms of salary thresholds, fees, and skill requirements.

Unlike the current UK visas and immigration sponsorship system, which requires a sponsor license only if you want to hire workers from outside the EEA and Switzerland, the new system will require you to get a sponsorship license if you want to hire citizens of EEA states as well as Swiss citizens.

What are the Different Kinds of CoS?
Interested employers can apply for a license that covers only one Tier or both Tiers 1 and 5. There are several sub-types within each of these two tiers, which are listed below:
Tier 2:
Skilled workers with long-term job offers.

In general, the position should meet the job suitability requirements.

Intra-Company Transfer:
Required for multinational corporations wishing to relocate employees to the country.

Top UK-based athletes and athletic figures are needed as sportspersons (including coaches)

Ministry of Religion:
Required for those wishing to work for a religious organization in the United Kingdom for a period of no more than three years.

Tier 5:
Temporary skilled workers

Government Authorized Exchange:
Available to those completing up to one year of work experience or up to two years of medical or scientific training (or other training or research projects); all to facilitate knowledge diffusion in a condensed period.

Religious workers:
Are needed for up to a year of pastoral and non-pastoral work and/or preaching.

Charity worker:
Those who are "employed" for up to a year without receiving a salary are needed.

Creative and sporting skills:
Are required for those who want to work as an artist or entertainer for up to two years or as a sportsperson for up to one year.

International Agreement:
Required for those arriving in the UK to work in a job category covered by international agreements.

Fees for employer sponsorship in the United Kingdom in 2022
Work Permit Payment UK license fees will be requested during the work sponsorship application process in the UK.

The cost of sponsoring a UK visa varies depending on the type of license and the size of the sponsor.

A medium or large sponsor (business) employs more than 50 people per year and has a yearly revenue of $10 million or more.

Sponsorship Certificate (CoS)
Every foreign worker who works for you should be given a sponsorship certificate.

Each certificate is electronic and bears a unique number that an employee must enter during the visa application process.

All certificates must be used within three months of the date they were issued.

Fees for certificates
Each certificate of sponsorship comes with a fee. You are not required to pay a certificate of sponsorship fee if you are a citizen of Turkey, Croatia, or Macedonia.

Fees:» Tier 2 – £199» Tier 5 – £21

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