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The Best Student Cities in England

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The Best Student Cities in England

England is renowned for its high level of education and variety of student cities. Most universities in England offer a wide range of courses which has only encouraged more and more students to apply for university each year. In this article, we are going to explore the top 10 student cities in England. Each city has something unique to offer so we have based rankings on the size and diversity of each city's student population, the nightlife and affordability.

10. Coventry
Coming in at number 10 on the list of the best student cities in England is Coventry. The university itself was ranked at number 50. Almost 7% of the population are students with more than 40% coming from outside of the UK. This makes Coventry a diverse place to study. Moreover, the city itself has a vibrant culture and previously won the title of UK City Culture. When it comes to safety, crime rate statistics show that Coventry is the safest city in the West Midlands. 

9. Brighton
The next on the list is the student city by the sea. Brighton is famed for its sense of inclusivity where everyone can express themselves and be whoever they want to be. It has been ranked by students as one of the best universities in the south for nightlife with music being a way of life in Brighton. This city gets our vote for being one of the most fun, welcoming and diverse.

8. London
London is described as a world-class student city, that's if you can afford to live there. It is a diverse city making it a great place for international students, you can be sure to find people from almost every country on the planet in London. What’s more is the city is full of exciting things to do and see, including cultural attractions like Buckingham Palace, the British Museum and more. You will never be short of new things to keep yourself busy within London. The benefit of studying in London is that there are plenty of job prospects with London having more job opportunities than anywhere else in the UK.

7. Birmingham 
Another incredible city for students with a huge student population is Birmingham. Most famously known for the Peaky Blinders, Birmingham has come a long way since then. Big investments into Birmingham infrastructure have done wonders for the city. You can get trains directly from Birmingham to almost any other city in England making it a great central location for students from all over the country. The nightlife is booming around Brindley Place Broad Street and Digbeth meaning you’ll never be short of a night out. Birmingham has a vibrant cultural scene with plenty to do and see. Shop at the impressive bullring, or visit the world's biggest Primark. We also love Birmingham because it is an affordable city meaning you don't have to break the bank to live there.

6. Leeds
Leeds is on the rise and quickly becoming a popular place to study. It has loads to offer from lively nightlife, unbeatable shopping, great transport links and exciting culture. What’s more is that with Leeds being in the heart of Yorkshire, it is a super friendly place with Northerners being known for giving a warmer welcome than southerners. It is also near some of the world's most beautiful countryside.

5. Nottingham
One of the most vibrant student cities in England in Nottingham. The area is super sociable making it an ideal city for student life. Plus, everything is central and easy to get to, meaning it's not hard to find your way around. A fun fact about Nottingham is that it is the place in which the tale of the visionary hero ‘Robin Hood’ originated. You can also visit the oldest inn in England which is an absolute treasure built in 1189AD. 

4. Bristol
As we approach the top-ranking student cities it is only right to include Bristol, the city students fall in love with. The city is small enough to remain friendly whilst large enough to offer a range of fun things to do and see. It has also been awarded purple flag status and ‘secured environment’ status in a police certification scheme. However, it is important to note that Bristol is amongst England's most expensive cities to live making it slightly less student-friendly. When it comes to nightlife though, Bristol is legendary. It has everything from superclubs hosting the top DJs to underground live gigs. There is also a range of bars, comedy nights, karaoke and more. 

3. Newcastle
At the complete other end of the country is Newcastle which has consistently been voted one of the UK's favourite student cities. The North is renowned for its friendly welcoming atmosphere, no matter who you are, Newcastle will feel like home from day one. Another reason why Newcastle is so popular is due to its affordability, it is one of the cheapest cities in England making it a great place to live for skint students. You can expect rowdy nights out any day of the week with the town being divided into multiple nightlife hotspots to suit different crowds. If you do visit, don’t forget to Enjoy Newcastle to the fullest by doing your research beforehand about the hotspots of the city.

2. Liverpool
Liverpool has a student population of roughly 70,000 making it by far one of the most popular student cities in England. The city is considered a relatively cheap place to live and socialise with a range of nights out on offer for all. The city's iconic for its famous faces like the Beatles, Cilla Black, Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer. The city is jam-packed with cultures such as the Walker Art gallery, Tate Liverpool and the recently renovated Everyman Theatre. The city is fast-paced, friendly and ideal for students to thrive. 

1. Manchester
Number one on the list of student cities is Manchester, described as a student paradise with a humongous student population of 99,000. The city is diverse too with 19,000 students being from outside of the UK coming from over 150 countries across the globe. It is also the third most visited city by international tourists in the UK. On average Manchester is 32% cheaper to live in than London, but this doesn't mean there is less to do. There is a large range of activities, museums, clubs and bars to choose from. Moreover, Manchester is recognised for its music scene with famous bands like Oasis, The Stone Roses,  The Smiths and more forming in and around the city. Everyone regardless of what music you like, what food you like or what you like to do in your spare time, everyone is sure to Enjoy Manchester.

Summary of the best student cities in England
It's safe to say the North beats the South when it comes to the battle of the best student cities. With the friendly atmosphere, exciting nightlife and affordable prices, it's no wonder more and more students are opting to study in cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. 

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