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Newly Discovered Comfort Zones Post Pandemic

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Newly Discovered Comfort Zones Post Pandemic

Reading this article only signifies one clear fact: you are a survivor of the COVID-19 pandemic and all its wiles. Even though the pandemic came with more than a little distortion than one could bargain or envisage, our lifeline remains in the abundance of life, a trophy to forever cherish. 

Again, only the living can have goals. The discomfort of reluctantly snoozing the alarm and rolling to the other side of your bed with the pillow snatched behind your head is a more comforting daily process than the agony of a deceased person who has missed out on life. It is too late for them to miss out on their next birthdays. 

While the pandemic came with different strokes, and as Maslow always puts it, survival was the priority for all individuals on the face of the earth at that point. Just like every wise being, there was a need to review, consider, and strategize for individuals, businesses, and the reality of the new world culture. 

Talking about the new world culture, for those who survived bankruptcy, death, and furlough, certain things suddenly became a trend in the areas of business, operations, leisure, and perception. In this interesting read by the award-winning web development company, The Watchtower, I will share with you some of the aftermath that the survivors of the pandemic have slowly adopted as their work culture. 

What are the newly adopted patterns after the pandemic? 

If the pandemic could signify anything, it is evident that those who weathered the storm were those whose businesses were entirely not manual, and either they were Saas, or leveraged the digital platform to meet consumer expectations partially.  

And if we could point out businesses that floated after the tide, these have to be businesses that can operate at least 80% of the time from the convenience of any space. What are the newly adopted patterns after the pandemic? 

1. Businesses have churned more energy into digital marketing. 

Information dissemination and pure marketing have been the order of the day for information dissemination and pure marketing. While these have served with time, the need for mainstream adoption of mainstream technology is a worthy need for consideration to stay relevant in a more competitive world such as the digital space.  

To thrive in any business today, there is a conscious need to extend one’s marketing prowess to digital marketing. People have been able to balance mixing business with pleasure by using social media as a platform to extend visibility, convey a message, and convert to sales. 
This does not just serve as a web/internet directory for your brand, but provides easier access, and creates brand visibility, engagement, and a higher edge for sales conversion. 

2. Organizations have embraced a new work culture. 

Remote working is one of the gifts the pandemic left for us all. As it is said that challenges have a way of bringing the best out of us, the business process certainly enjoys flexibility with the idea of remote work. Staff can enjoy the ability to execute their deliverables from the comfort of their space. 

Organizations can cut down on different costs, from maintenance, meals, stationaries, and possible work hazards through remote work. 
Businesses can save costs on transportation, avoid transport hazards and possible risks that could come with leaving the confines of their home, and execute meetings, interviews, seminars, lectures, and more through the use of teleconferencing. 

3. Dress codes have experienced a different turn. 

More than ever before, I have seen organizations gradually embrace the newly unwritten dress code which has crept into corporate business.  
Our reality now lies in the semi-formal style of dressing where the tie may not be introduced, or those adorning stilettos by Christian Louboutin for the ladies, and the men dumping their oxfords and brogues for some fancy and comfortable sneakers to ease their deliverables. 
While many could assume this is limited to organizations, this trend has also been seen in our local churches and other gatherings. 


The Coronavirus was no doubt a disruption to the order of culture and existence. However, mankind has slowly adopted new principles to ease their process flow and, more importantly, get more results, which have been seen in dress culture, work culture, and the marketing culture. 
For more insightful scoop on lifestyle, technology, printing methodologies, and healthy meals, you can always rely on The Watchtower-Web Design Agency Dubai.

  Oct 12, 2022       by oluwafemi-smith       247 Views

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Newly Discovered Comfort Zones Post Pandemic

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© Copyright The Watchtower 2010 - .