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Jobs in Italy for English speakers 2022

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Jobs in Italy for English speakers 2022

Who can blame Italians for proclaiming La dolce vita (this is the life) for years? Italy's landscape is among the most diverse and breathtakingly beautiful in the world, and its cultural heritage is rivalled only by Egypt and Greece. Italy's economic structure, as the world's ninth-largest, is divided between the highly industrialized and developed northern part of the country, where approximately 75 per cent of the nation's wealth is produced, and the less-developed and predominantly agriculturally-based south.

While this has had an impact on certain job sectors, there are still opportunities for foreign workers, particularly those who speak Italian, German, or French. With this, here's a list of jobs in Italy for English Speakers.

Working in Italy should be easy for English-speaking ex-pats, but it will largely depend on your line of work. Speaking Italian may be essential for landing a job in some industries. Given the country's high unemployment rate, the job market in Italy may be difficult. Nonetheless, we show you how to find a job in Italy regardless of your field of expertise. Remember that speaking Italian may be necessary for a stable and growing career in the country.

Jobs in Italy for English speakers 2022
Teaching jobs
English teachers in Italy are in high demand, so competition for positions is high. Although opportunities exist throughout the country, the majority of teaching jobs are available in large towns and cities such as Rome, Florence, and Milan. You could teach English in public schools, private language schools, universities, or within businesses to their employees. You can study for a relevant Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification online, and some teaching jobs may even require a Bachelor's degree. Typically, teacher recruitment begins in early spring for positions available in September/October.

Given the importance that Italians place on networking, a work placement is an excellent way to expand your network in the country. An internship can also help you improve your language skills. Internships in Italy typically last three to six months, and the country is especially popular with those seeking work experience in fashion, architecture, and art.

Here are some sites you can get some Internship jobs:
AIESEC UK – a youth organization that provides career-focused internships for students and recent graduates – offers internships and summer work placements.

GoAbroad.com is a global internship search engine.

IAESTE - internships for students studying science, engineering, technology, and applied arts (apply via the British Council website in the autumn).

Internship Italy is a student recruitment agency that works with over 500 companies throughout Europe.

Summer jobs
Because tourism is such a big business in Italy, finding casual or temporary work should be simple. There are numerous seasonal jobs available, including bar, hotel, and restaurant work. You could work in summer camps or vacation resorts, or if you're good on the slopes, you could work at a ski resort in the Italian Alps. Summer jobs in the agricultural sector include fruit picking and other outdoor activities. If you have some childcare experience, you could look for work as an au pair. Volunteering is a great way to broaden your skillset and learn a new language if you have the funds to do so.

Working in Italy: What it's Like
Family time is a significant part of Italian culture, and as a result, workers in the country strive to achieve a healthy work-life balance. According to statistics, the average working week in Italy is just under 36 hours, with the maximum legal working week set at 40 hours, plus eight hours of overtime. Because work is typically highly structured, you'll typically work from 8/9 am to 1 pm, take a two-hour lunch break, and then work from 3 pm to 6/7 pm.

Every employee is entitled to at least four weeks of paid annual leave, as well as twelve public holidays. There are five income tax brackets, ranging from 23% on income up to €15,000 to 43% on income over €15,000.

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