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Jobs in Germany for English speakers 2022

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Jobs in Germany for English speakers 2022

A popular question always arises, Is it possible to Work In Germany Without Speaking German? In a nutshell, yes, there are English-speaking jobs available in Germany.

Foreigners looking for work in tech startups or digital departments have a better chance of finding work in Germany even if they do not speak German. Foreigners who want to work in HR, accounting, marketing, consulting, medicine, or law have the fewest opportunities in Germany to do so in English. Also, You don't have to live in Germany to apply for a job. German companies are very open to hiring people from other countries and assisting them in relocating to Germany.

Who Has the Best Chance of Finding an English-Speaking Job in Germany 

Based on my ex-pat friends' and my own experiences in Germany, those who join a tech company, startup, or a company's digital department have the best chance of finding a job in English. Jobs that require you to know or work with German laws, on the other hand, are the least likely to be obtained if you do not speak German. HR, accounting, consulting, a doctor, and a lawyer are examples of these professions.

5 Tips for Finding an English-Speaking Job in Germany 

1. Look For Jobs in the Correct Location. Here is a list of English websites that will assist you in your search for work in Germany if you do not speak German:

  • Englishjobs.de
  • The Local Jobs
  • Jobs in Germany
  • Europe Language Jobs
  • Jooble
  • Honeypot (developer focused)
  • Imagine (for software developers)
  • Angel. co (startups)
  • German Tech Jobs
  • Germany Startup Jobs
  • Berlin Startup Jobs
  • Munich Startup Jobs
  • Frankfurt Startup Jobs
  • startup list
  • Arbeitnow

Also, make sure you have a strong LinkedIn profile. Great companies post their job openings on LinkedIn, and you can apply directly to them. Monster, StepStone, and Indeed are some other sites worth checking out. You can try to filter out all jobs that require you to speak English by using the word 'English' in your search.

2. Look for jobs at startups rather than large corporations

Startups are more open to having an international team, so English is commonly used as the company language. Germany encourages Germans and international residents to start businesses. According to the German Startup Monitor, 2.013 startups will be founded in 2021, employing more than 33.500 people.

3. Select Larger Cities

Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf are the top five cities where you should concentrate your time and effort.

4. Look for special deals in the digital departments

The majority of large German corporations have a digital department. This is where you'll find your best chance of landing an English-speaking job. There are a variety of international employees in the digital departments who do not speak German.

5. Customize Your CV and Cover Letter to German Standards

Even if you are applying for an English-speaking position, chances are that your application will be reviewed by a German.

The following points should be included in your CV if you want Germans to use it:

  • A passport photograph
  • Your birthdate
  • No fluff.
  • Hobbies
  • Max 2-pager
Top Jobs In Germany for English speakers

1. Customer care representative 

2. English Educator/Teacher

3. English private tutor

4. Sales Representative 

5. Sales development representative 

6. English customer support 

7. Warehouse worker

8. Video content editor

9. Social media manager

10. Customer care line

Last Thoughts

Finding an English-speaking job in Germany may appear to be a difficult task. However, data and personal experience indicate that there is hope and that if you put your mind to it, you, too, will be able to find work and live in Germany.

Your chances of finding English-speaking work in Germany are better if you focus on tech companies, startups, or the digital department of a large corporation. Also, don't be afraid to send your CV to job postings in German and ask if the position is available in English.

We at the Watchtower UK, are committed to developing effective content and strategies for corporate brands who want to shine their business in the online world.

  Jan 27, 2022       by ebimo-dogubo       643 Views

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