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Is Coinbase safe in the UK?

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Is Coinbase safe in the UK?

The United Kingdom [UK] stands high for many things as an origin of the English language, poise, etiquettes, and a couple of other metrics that have become a lifestyle now. 

We cannot talk about the UK without the mention of the famous music signature, The Beatles, and oh yes, David Beckham, a living god to all football lovers beyond the mastery of football. 

Since we already got the Memo that: “Money makes the world go round”. It wouldn’t be strange to acknowledge the new culture of money, I'm talking about the definition of culture, being the way of life. 

The new culture absorbed by the digitization and of cause the reliance of innovation to thrive conveniently with little or no effort is no news to us, likewise, the place of blockchains, and cryptocurrencies are all up in our faces without regard. 
This article will give clarity to possible thoughts about the popular exchange platform called Coinbase; we will answer if Coinbase is safe in the UK and share some other views on the exchange. 

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What is Coinbase? 
Coinbase is a public company crypto trading platform similar to others like Binance and Kraken that affords users/traders to possibly trade up to 50 Cryptocurrencies. Coinbase has enjoyed dominance in major countries like the US among others simply providing an exchange that users/traders could buy and sell coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. 

Coinbase recently got listed on the American stock exchange Nasdaq and went public in April 2021, which makes Coinbase now worth more than $50billion. 

It is with many credits that Coinbase boasts of having over 68 million verified users across 100 countries, and an asset base of USD 180 billion. 

Coinbase exchange is in 13 languages and includes mobile apps that can be used anytime and anywhere, both for Android and iOS devices. In the pandemic time it declared itself to be the first remote trading platform not recognizing the official headquarters, it was another major accomplishment. 

Is Coinbase available in the United Kingdom? 
The UK is one of the nations where crypto-enthusiasts may utilize Coinbase services on this platform and use it to their best advantage. Users in the UK and other European nations are not subject to any limitations, therefore if you want to use this platform, you must examine all the services provided on it. 

Is Coinbase Safe in the UK? 
While we understand the skepticism, it is good to note that Coinbase is registered in the US, and lawfully operational in its region under European legislation. The Company adheres to the GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] and has an official subsidiary in the United Kingdom, London, which has registered for the provision of fiat services in the nation.  

Coinbase has its data maintained under the applicable laws and regulations by maintaining physical, electronic, and administrative protections. In addition, the exchange guarantees user money to prevent unforeseen losses. 

Why you could consider Coinbase in the UK. 
1. Qualified and responsive customer services. 
2. They have gathered years of effective and reliable cryptographic functioning.
3. They possess different tools and services. 
4. There are rewards for knowledge and staking. 
5. It has a wide range of possibilities for banking. 
6. It is considered simple, easy-to-use, and possesses a user-friendly interface. 

Some shortcomings on Coinbase exchange
It may come as a surprise that an exchange platform with all the perks still falls short on some features. Well, please see below some things we have noted for your information. 

1. No wallet keys control.  
2. Coinbase has a higher charge as against other exchanges. 
3. Requires registration and checking. 
4. It does not possess an enormous number of altcoins. 

In conclusion, while we could state our views on the Coinbase exchange, we kindly advise that you please conduct your research and speak with experts were necessary before completing trades. 

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