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How to cancel Disney plus

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How to cancel Disney plus

We love Disney Plus, so if you've had your fill of it, you'll want to cancel your account. This could be more complicated than you expected, but we'll work out how to cancel Disney Plus in a variety of ways. An intriguing aspect of Disney Plus is that the method by which you cancel your account is dependent on how you signed up in the first place. As a general rule, you should be able to cancel your account via browser regardless of the software you used. 

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How to Cancel Disney Plus on a Browser
1.     Load Disney Plus into your desktop, computer, or tablet browser.
2.     Sign in to your account with your details.
3.     Navigate to your profile button, which can be found in the top-right corner.
4.     Select the Account option.
5.     Choose from monthly and yearly subscriptions. Here you can see the next billing date as well as when the last payment was received.
6.     Go to Cancel Subscription. You'll have to choose the reason you're canceling, so Disney gets some feedback.
7.     Confirm your cancellation. That's it! You're done!

How to Cancel Disney Plus on Your iPhone
1.     As you know, canceling subscriptions on your iPhone is slightly different, so let's see how you can do this.
2.     Open the Settings app.
3.     Fill in your details at the top and choose Subscriptions.
4.     Once the list is generated, choose Disney Plus.
5.     Tap the Cancel Subscription button.

How to Cancel Disney Plus on Android
1.   On your Android device, you'll have to start with the Google Play Store.
2.   Launch the Google Play app on your device.
3.   Tap the menu (hamburger) button and pick Subscriptions.
4.   Choose Disney Plus from the list.
5.   Press on the Cancel Subscription button.

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How to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku
1.     Start by pressing the Home button on the remote.
2.     Go to the Disney Plus app and press the Star button on your remote.
3.     Pick the manage subscription option to review your billing info and renewal date.
4.     If these options don't show up here, you can go to The Roku Channel and choose Manage subscriptions.
5.     If you purchased the subscription through Roku, it would show up in the Premium Subscriptions lane.
6.     Choose the subscription to review the renewal information and click on the Cancel subscription button.
7.     A message will pop up to tell you the last day when you'll have access to Disney Plus.
8.     Confirm the cancellation and choose Done.

You can also do this via the Roku website.
1.     You need to visit the Roku account site to start things off. 
2.     Sign in to your account.
3.     Pick Manage your subscription.
4.     You'll notice all your subscriptions, including those billed by Roku for Disney Plus.
5.     Choose the Disney Plus subscription and select Unsubscribe.
6.     Once prompted, cancel your account.

How to Cancel Disney Plus on Apple TV and Other Apple Devices
1.     Begin by going to the Settings menu on your Apple TV.
2.     Select Users & Accounts and then your account.
3.     Move to Subscriptions.
4.     Choose Disney Plus and then tap Cancel Subscription.

You can also cancel via your iPad or iPod:
1.     On your device, bring up the Settings app. 
2.     Go to Apple ID and click on the Subscriptions button. 
3.     Alternatively, if the Subscriptions button is not there, you can also do this via the iTunes & App Store.
4.     Pick Disney Plus from the list and tap Cancel Subscription. 
5.     Confirm cancellation

Canceling via the Mac App Store:
1.   Open up the App Store on your Mac. 
2.   Sign in to your account and tap the profile icon.
3.   Tap on the profile icon again and choose View Information.
4.   Go to Subscriptions and tap the Manage button.
5.   Look for the Disney Plus account and tap Edit.
6.   Click on the Cancel Subscription option.

We hope you enjoyed reading this and learned everything you needed to know because that is our main goal. The Watchtower, a leading SEO, Website design company, and Mobile App Development Company in the UK, enjoys enlightening their users on daily activities that can help and guide them in the world of tech.

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