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How to cancel apple music

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How to cancel apple music

Have you ever wanted to cancel a subscription so bad but don't know how? Well, you have come to the right place. Apple Music is an unlimited streaming service that hosts more than 50 million songs, from various artists, and also broadcasts radio programs. It first appeared in 2015, and since then it is the default tool for iOS users to listen to music.

Although it is not free, you have a three-month free trial. In addition, it is available on any Apple device. There is also a version for Android, however, it is not enabled for computers. So you have to use the iTunes service.

Before we go much farther, we'd like to thank the work's maker. The Watchtower, a leading SEO organization in the United Kingdom, website design firm, and smartphone app production company in the United Kingdom, loves educating its readers on realistic ways to improve their daily lives.

The app has many advantages, and for years it represented stiff competition. However, its limitations and disadvantages have become more noticeable compared to other streaming services. Hence, why this article is here to show you exactly how you can cancel apple music from anywhere you are in the world.

Steps to cancel my Apple Music account

A subscription is a pass with which you have access to the content of the App. They can be renewed every month unless you decide to cancel. In the case of being disappointed by Apple Music services, you can always delete your account. However, you should know that:
1. If you have registered for a free trial, and do not plan to renew, you must cancel the service at least 24 hours before the end of the trial period, you will immediately lose access to the content.
2. If you delete your paid subscription, you will still have access to the content until the next monthly billing date.

Now that you know that, these are the steps to delete your Apple Music account quickly and easily, depending on the device you use:

From iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
1. Enter the App and press the "settings" button or "settings" button.
2. Press your username. Then, touch the option of "subscriptions".
3. Then select the subscription you want to delete.
4. Press the option "Cancel subscription".
5. If the subscription you want to delete does not appear, you must enter "settings", then click "iTunes and Apple Store". Next, select your Apple ID. Log in, scroll to the bottom and choose the "subscriptions" option.

From a Mac computer
1. Enter the App Store app.
2. Sign in.
3. Go to the top of the window and press "View information. "
4. Locate the option for "subscriptions" and then select "Manage. "
5. Press "Edit" on the subscription you want to delete.
6. Click on "Unsubscribe. "

From Apple TV
You can only change or remove subscriptions for apps that are installed on Apple TV:
1. Open the settings panel.
2. Click on your username, in the "Users and accounts" section.
3. Select the "Subscriptions" option.
4. Press the subscription you want to delete and then "Cancel subscription".

From Windows
1. Open iTunes. At the top of the menu, tap "Account" and then select "View Account. " You may need to sign in with your Apple ID.
2. Select "Settings. " Locate the option "Subscriptions" and then click on "Manage".
3. Select the subscription you want to delete. Press "Edit".
4. Press "Cancel subscription".

From an Android device
Open the Apple Music app. Select the menu. Press "Account". Then "Manage subscription". Finally, press "Cancel subscription".

We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned everything you wanted to know since that is our main objective. The Watchtower, a leading SEO, Website Design, and Mobile App Development Firm in the UK, loves educating their customers on everyday tasks that can assist and educate them in the field of technology.

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