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How to cancel Amazon music UK

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How to cancel Amazon music UK

Amazon has a Premium music service; It is a limitless music platform from Amazon. It has an extensive catalog of seventy million songs and thousands of playlists. But, you may need to unsubscribe or cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited at some point.

The service consists of several plans such as the "Individual", the "Family", to use "Single device" with the speakers and the "Student"; The cost of each one varies whether or not you are an Amazon Prime user and of course, the plan you choose.

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In this article, we will focus on these three things that can guide you in your cancellation of amazon music

1. What are the conditions to enjoy this service?
2. If I forgot to unsubscribe, can I request a refund?
3. How to cancel Amazon Music Unlimited

1. What are the conditions to enjoy the service?
You must first create an account and subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited; then read and accept the conditions of sale and use of the platform, for the trial period and enjoy the three months for free. The company is authorized to charge, once the period is over, the charge will be made to the affiliated card. Likewise, the offer is not allowed to be resold or transferred to another user, nor can it be accumulated for other promotions; at the same time, if the cancellation is made before its expiration, what was not used will be lost.

2. If I forgot to unsubscribe, can I request a refund?
If your time has passed, you did not realize that the period of the three free months was over and you forgot to unsubscribe, obviously the new charge will appear on your card for the amount of the plan. Then it is possible to request a refund of the money within fourteen days once you cancel the subscription, on the condition that you have not used the service; but if you used the service, then you can cancel the service, but without the right to a refund.

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3. How to cancel Amazon Music Unlimited?
Now, if you do not want the renewal of the free plan, you can cancel or unsubscribe, preferably before the promotion ends, so that the charge is not charged immediately after the offer period ends; also if you want to cancel, even if you have some time using the subscription.

How to unsubscribe using the computer
1. You start your Amazon account, then access the "Amazon Music Settings", 
2. Then you look for the " Amazon Music Unlimited " button 
3. Then "Subscription renewal" and click on "Cancel subscription".
4. Subsequently, the confirmation of this cancellation must be made, then we click on "Do not continue" in yellow, once this step has been carried out, it is advisable to return to "Amazon Music Settings" to verify that everything has been canceled.

If your expiration date has not expired, then you will continue to access until it expires; but once it is finished, what you have entered into your library fades and the renewals are eliminated; The important fact is that, even if the service is canceled, you can renew it whenever you want.
We can see then, the importance of taking the precautions to unsubscribe on time, in any circumstance where we are no longer interested in continuing with the Amazon Music Unlimited service; to avoid situations, somewhat unpleasant and annoying for both sides.

We hope you enjoyed reading it and learned everything you wanted to know since that is our main objective. The Watchtower, a leading SEO, Website Design, and Mobile App Development Agency in the UK, loves educating their customers on everyday tasks that can assist and educate them in the field of technology.

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