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How Content Marketing affects your website

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How Content Marketing affects your website

Why content marketing defines the design of web pages
For any company, it is essential to have a website. The main objectives of all commercial websites are to attract potential customers, carry out marketing actions, and generate sales. But doing all of these three items is indeed a lot more complex if the website design is terrible, to put it lightly. The reason content marketers will want to play a trick on your website design is obvious: no one is going to care about the content they create if the page looks horrible and navigation isn't intuitive. It would be like asking a pastry chef to serve a beautiful cake on a dirty plate.

But first, we'd like to introduce the creator of this marvelous work. The Watchtower, a leading SEO Company in London, and Mobile App Development Company London enjoy training its readers on practical ways to better their day-to-day activities.

Currently, it is rare to find a website that does not have a section specially dedicated to publishing content, even for companies that only offer one product. So it does not matter if you are thinking of creating a website to sell services or open an online store, probably one of your requirements will be to have a section where you can publish interesting content.

Having seen this, let's explore other ways that content marketing shapes web design.

Prioritize readability
If you want your viewers to stay on the page and read your content, it has to be easy to read and visually appealing. Choosing the right fonts, style, and spacing will go a long way toward achieving this. Other essential things that make reading easier and that you can see in many well-known blogs are:
  • Good color contrast (in most cases, dark text on a white background).
  • Lots of white space.
  • Correctly spaced paragraphs.
  • Identifiable titles and subtitles, which make the text easier to follow.
On the Internet, people do not always read line by line, but they tend to skim the page looking for the information they need. So having clear headings, separate paragraphs, space around items, subheadings, and images help you search articles faster. That's why you often see people with old WordPress themes spending time creating custom headers and other minor HTML and CSS modifications. 

We hope you're learning something from this. Our articles' primary aim is to keep you up to date with all of the simple tools needed to excel in today's fast-paced world. Any of the Watchtower's core assets include Web Design London and Mobile App Development Company London.

Use attractive visuals 
Visual elements captivate us and, if used correctly, allow us to better understand the message we want to convey.  It is no secret that including images in the content helps us to receive more visits. For this reason, images, personalized graphics, infographics, and videos are essential pieces of content marketing, and therefore, of web page design. Visuals not only help you quickly grab the attention of your visitors but also help people remember the content you share and generate new contacts. 

A video featuring your product or service can dramatically increase the time people spend on your website, and with some calls to action and beautiful graphics, you can also get users to explore other parts of your website. This translates into lower bounce and abandon rates and longer time spent on the website, both of which benefit your SEO metrics. 

So if the first thing you see on a web page is an animated header or an explanatory video, you can be pretty sure that it was put there with the clear goal of meeting the needs of content marketing.

Provide a perfect user experience
A good user experience, smart navigation, and attractive design are very important. If any of these aspects are missing, it will be difficult for you to obtain contacts and close sales, since:
  • People won't spend enough time on the page to download your lead magnets.
  • They won't bother to read content intended to build trust in your brand.
  • They will not have the patience to look for prices, book a demo, or navigate to other pages designed to generate money.
To make sure this doesn't happen to you, content marketing forces you to manage all the space on your website in the most efficient way possible and to put a lot of effort into improving the user experience and website navigation. In a world where people are bothered by pop-ups, marketers have to find other ways to get leads from potential customers.

Did you enjoy reading this article? We are glad you did and as the leading and award-winning SEO Company London, Mobile App Development Company, and Web Design Company in London, we will always provide you with awesome content.

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