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Expert Predictions What Causes Disruptions in the Moving Industry?

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Expert Predictions What Causes Disruptions in the Moving Industry?

A Forbes article that was recently published mentioned a 12 billion dollar yearly-earning moving industry being among the seven businesses that are in danger of its possible downfall. What could possibly be the causes of such circumstances and in what way will it affect the said industry? Will factors such as technology or public health emergencies be the main reasons for such happening?

In coming up with this article, we’ve consulted various professionals directly affiliated with the industry to share their predictions and insights into what could potentially be happening to most movers as time goes by. Likewise, we’ve looked into several readings and researchers that indicate most businesses as the main factors for such a dilemma. 

Be careful of aggregators that pry on services provided by movers

According to Charlotte Ang, the founder of RentALorry in Singapore, in order to clearly digest the primary factor responsible for hampering the progress developed by the industry of movers and packers, people should first discover the complaints most clients have about movers. One is that removal companies are not that transparent with the prices and additional fees they charge for their services and most of the time, it’s the clients themselves that are at a big disadvantage. 

The places where pick-ups and drop-offs are done as well as the objects to be transported will always depend on every appointment. This became the reason behind the inconvenience to removal companies in setting a standard price for every move booked per client. 

This obvious mishap has long been existing for decades in the said industry and until now, it has not yet been resolved. As a result, it has reached the point that many companies have used such situations to their advantage and continue to charge consumers unreasonable prices. This has unfavorably affected the industry and most heads of these companies are not liking it.

Ang says, “I’d mention that any aggregator that’s fixated on the moving services to display a transparent price charging would be the first identified cause of the industry’s downfall. “

Several newly-established moving businesses as of today aim to have the quickest last-minute deliveries because that’s what they think the efficiency of the services will be assessed. However, what they forgot to understand are the primary demands of the clients. They are not looking for the fastest on-the-day deliveries but excellent customer services as well as transparent and reasonable pricing. 

So while we’re at it, where does technology lie in this whole conundrum?

Due to the various differences made in each removal request, machines would be heavily relied on to distinguish the appropriate price of each booking scheduled. Websites have been developed for the faster booking of moving orders along with the direct computation of the price based on the service they’ve availed.

Utilizing digital presentations and artificial intelligence in the moving industry

Ryan Carrigan, the Co-founder of moveBuddha, mentioned that the largest improvement witnessed in the moving industry today is getting rid of the usual price computation of removals done on the actual site. Packers and movers are slowly leaning towards audio-visual presentations and computers programmed to operate on the location itself to survey are reducing the costs of their sales and shutting several businesses compared to companies that are still sending out a representative to inform their clients personally of the removal detail and prices.

The efficiency of the sales situation has its doors welcoming the booking-flight system patterned on the booking a moving appointment with removal companies.

Wrapping up
As we are currently still in the 21st century, the age of technological advancements and never-ending innovations, this has become the source of efficiency in all of our workings, regardless of which industry your business is in. Now, even the moving industry is embracing the technological changes that are gradually being adopted into their normal operations. It may be quite an easy adjustment since the industry itself is relying heavily on machines developed by technology itself, so there’s not much of a difficulty with the transition.

Dubai, being an elite digital economy itself, there’s no major struggle in adapting to the technological improvements in the moving industry. Furniture movers in Dubai would not have to lift the heavy pieces of furniture individually and load them into the transportations as there will be upgraded trailers and loading equipment that might probably just lift the items and place them on compartments of trucks. House movers would also not worry about identifying which items are recyclable, biodegradable, and non-biodegradable when disposed of since machines will help them determine and release alarms if the item goes in the wrong bin. Almost anything is possible and availing of a moving company in Dubai could also be something astonishing as the process would seem like you’re just booking a flight within minutes.

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