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Can You See Who Views Your Twitter Profile and Tweets?

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Can You See Who Views Your Twitter Profile and Tweets?

We all are familiar with Twitter which is a very popular social media platform With over 450 million + active users worldwide. This platform allows users to share their thoughts and content and engage with other like-minded people. With its huge popularity and white spread usage, there is no surprise that many of you are inquisitive to know who visits your profile or tweets. This has led to the circulation of various claims and myths about its possibility of tracking profile views. In this article, we will explore and identify whether it's possible to see who stalks your Twitter or not. Moreover, we will discuss some alternative methods to get insights into your Twitter profile visitors.


Is It Possible to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile?

Does Twitter have profile views? Unfortunately no, there is no possible way to see Twitter profile views because this is no native feature or setting available to track profile views and identify the visitors on the profile. This is a matter of discussion that is based on Twitter’s commitment to user privacy and the Technical challenges associated with tracking.

 Although, Twitter offered analytic tools to get insights over engaged to tweets such as impression, reach, and interaction. You can know how many times people view your Twitter profile per month. To know, follow these steps:


Step 1: Make an account on Twitter and if you already have one then sign in to your Twitter account.


Step 2: Afterward navigate to “More” and then to “Analytics”.


Step 3: On the following page you can eye the number of profile visits. Remember, the result is based on the 28 days summary and is a monthly report.


Is It Possible to See Who Viewed Your Twitter Tweets?

Again no, it is not still possible to see who viewed your Twitter tweets. The only legal a direct way to do this is through direct engagement like replies, re-tweets, and likes. These direct interactions are visible to you and to the public.

 Moreover, if you don't want others to see your profile interactions you can simply hide them. To do this follow these easy-peasy steps:


Step 1: Sign in to your Twitter account.


Step 2: Open one of your tweets that has comments.


Step 3:  Discover the target replay and hit on the “three dots”.


Step 4: From the menu list, locate “hide reply” and click on it.


Step 5: Later, to view the hidden replies, hit on the three dots from the corner of the tweet and select the “view hidden replies” option.


Does The Idea of Using Third-Party Apps Worth Trying?

With emerging technologies, everything is getting possible whether in legal or illegal ways. In this case, also there are some third-party apps and tools available for you to achieve the same. But the matter of debate is “Are they trustworthy?”. The answer is no because can be a threat to your account.

 Anyhow, people are still employing these third-party applications. Carry this in mind, If you are accessing anyone, just be cautious when granting access to these tools. And most importantly, avoid sharing any personal or vulnerable information with them.

 There is a possibility that some of them are spammy malware that might be hazardous for your device and for yourself.


Make your Twitter Account Private

Making your Twitter account private is another way to hide your tweet's engagement.  Once you have done this, your tweets will be visible to people only who follow you. We believe that it is a novel approach to prevent scammers or stalkers. See how to do it:


Steps for mobile users:


Step 1: Access your account, and locate “more” from the home feed.


Step 2: Then click on “settings and privacy”.


Step 3: Locate “privacy and safety” under the “settings” option.


Step 4: Then, opt for the “audience and tagging” option.


Step 5: In the last, go through the “protect your tweets” box. Later, click on the “protect” button.


Steps for desktop users:


Step 1: Launch the Twitter app & sign in to your account.


Step 2: Navigate towards the profile icon and hit on “settings and privacy”.


Step 3: Click on “privacy and safety”.


Step 4: Lastly, enable “protect your tweets”.


Towards The End

Conclusively, there is no legal way To see who has viewed your profile, and tweets. But instead of getting into illegal ways or accessing third-party applications, it's important to rely on direct ways to achieve the same. But still, if you are accessing them, then be aware of the limitations and security risks associated with them. 

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Can You See Who Views Your Twitter Profile and Tweets?

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